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Embryological Features of Laburnum anagyroides Medik.

Laburnum anagyroides Medik. (Leguminosae) is a promising ornamental woody plant, which is native to the Mediterranean. It is characterized by the following indicators of seed reproduction during introduction in the Lower Volga region: potential seed productivity is 5.24 ± 0.08 ovules on 1 ovary, real seed productivity is 1.53 ± 0.05 seeds per 1 fruit, the reproduction efficiency coefficient is 29.2%. Seeds quickly pass into a state of deep physical rest and cannot independently leave this state in spring.

Arthropods – Inhabitants of Burrows of the Sand Martin Riparia riparia (Linnaeus, 1758) (Aves: Hirundinidae) on the Territory of the Saratov Province

The paper presents the results of nidicola fauna studies from burrows of sand martin Riparia riparia (Linnaeus, 1758) in the territory of the Krasnoarmeisk, Engels, Voskresensk, and Rovnoe Districts of the Saratov Province. 5859 specimens of arthropods belonging to 41 taxons from 26 systemic groups were collected in 97 burrows of the species. The focus is put on potential possibility of arboviral infection transmission from bank swallows to field sparrows (with participation of common ectoparasites), and through them – to humans.

Study of the Effectiveness of Using a Saprophytic Strain of Bacteria Bacillus pumilus for the Disposal of Xenobiotics of Hazard Class I–II

Using the model of silt sediments of different ages and soils contaminated with oil products, the utilizing ability of the saprophytic bacterium Bacillus pumilus was studied. It was established that 7 days after the introduction of silt sediment samples of B. pumilus culture into the samples, there was an increase in the mass concentration of copper, cadmium and lead ions, followed by a decrease in the dynamics after 21 days of bacterial exposure. The mass concentration of zinc ions in the sludge samples decreased in dynamics over the entire duration of the experiment.

Investigation of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters and Fluctuating Asymmetry of Leaves of Woody Plant – Quercus castaneifolia C. A. Mey. in the City of Baku, Azerbaijan

The article presents the results of the study of morphometric and physiological parameters of the leaves of the woody plant-chestnut oak (Quercus castaneifolia S. A. Mey.). The study was conducted in Baku, which is the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to assess the bioindicative properties and prospects of using this plant in environmental monitoring and landscaping of the city. To conduct a comparative analysis of the results, leaf samples were collected in the areas of the city that differ in the degree of environmental pollution.

Construction of Consciousness and Implementation of Seed Productivity of Various Varieties of Branch Onion (Allium ramosum L., Amaryllidaceae Jaume St.-Hil.) in the Conditions of the Moscow Region

Allium ramosum L. – type species of the subgenus Butomissa (Salisb.), Section Butomissa. The species has a fairly high seed productivity, which varies widely. This article presents the results of a study of seed productivity under the conditions of artificial phytocenosis of the Moscow Region in four commercial varieties of A. ramosum. In alluvial meadow soils, fruit setability was 88.9–95.8%, real seed productivity was fixed at 3.5–18.5 g/plant, 1000 seeds weight was 4.2–5.9 g. Average insemination was noted 3, 0–5.9 pieces/fruit.

Some Features of Implementation of Source-Sink Relations in Violation of the Integrity of the Root System of Seedlings of Triticum aestivum L.

The object of the study was sprouts of spring soft wheat Triticum aestivum L. Cultivation was carried out in a climatic chamber at a temperature of 18 ± 1°C under the conditions of a sixteen-hour photoperiod and complete etiolation. The experiment was carried out in the following options: removed the main germinal root; decapitation; removed the lower tier of germinal roots. Removing part of the root system of plants cultivated under a sixteen-hour photoperiod increases the root index and reduces the total length of the root system.

Hormonal Regulation of Morphogenesis in the Culture of Mature Embryo in the Maize Parthenogenetic Line АТТМ (bm, wx, y)

The article presents the results of the search for the optimal hormonal composition of the nutrient medium for the induction of direct organogenesis in the culture of mature embryos of the maize homozygous line ATTM (bm, wx, y). The mature embryos isolated from kernels were used as the primary explant. The 11 media variants were tested for induction of direct organogenesis: MS without hormones (control) and with phytohormones in different concentrations and combinations.

New Gypsum-Titanium Composites for Antimicrobial Photocatalytic Action on Staphylococcus aureus

The last decade has allowed the creation of new composite photocatalytic materials with a wide range of applications. Antimicrobial coatings based on photocatalytic materials are environmentally friendly and effective for use in health care, the food industry, enterprises and service facilities. This study is devoted to the study of the antibacterial activity of gypsum-titanium nanocomposites.

Some Features of the Biology of Invasive Species Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq. in the Abkhazia Republic

The invasion of aggressive adventive plants in the territory of the Abkhazia Republic has a significant impact on the loss of biodiversity and the imbalance of ecosystems. In this regard, monitoring of the invasive component of flora is an urgent task. The aim of work was to study the biological features of invasive species Conyza canadensis under the conditions of Abkhazia. The research objectives included the study of morphometric parameters of the species and their variability.

The Study of Lymphatic Draina ge Function of the Brain After Opening the Blood-Brain Barrier and During Drugged Sleep

In studies on male adult rats, the activation of the functions of the lymphatic system of the brain (LSM) was studied during drugged sleep and after the opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) by sound. The cleaning and drainage functions of LSM were studied by removing contrast agents from the brain in real time using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and optical coherence tomography (OCT).