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The study of the physic-chemical properties of bentonite-based composite sorbents modified with carbon under the conditions of catalytic carbonization

The structural and sorption properties of composite sorbents based on natural bentonite modified with carbon compounds have been investigated. Modification of the initial bentonite by low-temperature (650°C) pyrolysis of sucrose in the presence of metal salts of the iron subgroup leads to a significant increase in the specific surface area of composite sorbents (up to 275 m2/g), this is due to low-temperature catalytic graphitization of the carbon fraction formed during pyrolysis.

Electroanalytical properties of planar sensors in aqueous environments of amoxicillin

One of the widely used antibiotics of the penicillin series in medicine are amoxicillin and amoxiclav – the representatives of "protected" penicillins. To control the concentration of these antibiotics, HPLC, spectrophotometry, capillary electrophoresis are applicable, which are long-lasting, require expensive equipment, operators and are not applicable for the express determination of aminopenicillins in biological and medicinal aqueous.

Quantum chemical analysis of reactivity of several chromenopyrazoles

The article presents the results of quantum chemical calculation of reactivity indices of nine substituted chromenopyrazoles that can be potentially used as ligands for light emitting complex compounds. The molecules chosen for our study contain several potential complexation centers (nitrogen atoms of pyrazol ring and oxygen atoms of chromene fragment) as well as additional chromophoric groups capable of facilitating the excitation energy transfer from ligand to central ion.