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Application of Mathematical Model of Adsorber for the Development and Optimization of Adsorption Modes

Nikiforov I. A., Saratov State University
Krivonosov A. A., Saratov State University
Nikiforov Alexander I., Lomonosov Moscow State University
Chesnokov Evgenij A., Lomonosov Moscow State University

A mathematical model of the adsorber was developed using the Toth equation. Microporous mordenite was synthesized to confirm model validation. The structure and characteristics of the obtained sorbent were confirmed by SEM, N2 adsorbtion, XRD and XRF methods. Adsorption of the hydrogen-methane mixture on H-form of synthesized mordenite was carried out at the pressure of 2 MPa and the temperature range of 20–35 °С. Based on the mathematical model of the adsorber, the possibility of developing a process for separating a mixture of hydrogen and methane at high pressure was shown.

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