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Community of the Aerobic Bacteria-destructors of DDT as a Result of Natural and Artificial Selection

For 40 years the soil microflora of the Landscape Reserve «Osinsk Forest Summer House» (Perm region, Russia) was exposed to high concentrations of DDT. Soil from the blocks 11 and 32 were selected and used in the process of artificial selection of aerobic bacterial communities capable of degrading DDT. Selection was carried out in the laboratory in four stages. As a result, successional changes were recorded, accompanied by reduction in the number and diversity of morphological types of bacterial strains in microbial communities.

The Influence of Growth Conditions of Bacteria Azospirillum lipoferum Sp59b on the Biological Activity of Their Glycopolymers

It is well known that lipopolysaccharides (LPSs) from outer membranes and capsular polysaccharides of Gram-negative bacteria activate in- nate immune system of humans and mammals and can produce septic shock clinical signs. A beneficial effect of LPSs consists in moderate stimulation of production of endogenous mediators by immune system cells, thus increasing the resistance of the organism to infections. In this respect the development of non-toxic derivatives of bacterial glycopolymers with improved immunostimulary properties becomes urgent.

About the Biology of the Invasive Species Hordeum jubatum L. in Bashkir Trans-Urals

The results of researches of 7 coenopopulations of North American invasivespeciesHordeumjubatumL.(Poaceae)inthe Trans-Urals of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Hordeum jubatum spreads on the steppe zone of the region. It dominates over other plants and it is share of participation in the community is 45,5–60,5%. The density of grass invasive species – 9–18 plants per 1 m2.Each plant produces 35 to 68 shoots, on average, is more than 600 shoots per 1 m2. The biomass of the type is no more than 0.25 kg/m2. Seed production is 39–54 pcs.

Brunnera – Rare Decorative Culture for Shadow Garden

The assortment of plants for a shadow garden in Bashkortostan, and also regions of South Urals is insignificant, it is not enough data on features of biology of shade and shade-enduring plants. Among them there are species and sorts of Brunnera Stev. genus. Brunnera are decorative and deciduous and beautiful-blossoming plants with the long period of blossoming. Studying of some biological features (seasonal rhythm of growth and development, morphometric param- eters, introduced stability) of five sorts of B.

Expiratory Lung Volumes of Young People at Rest and Recovery Period after a Dosed Physical Load

The present research is devoted to the problems of a complex estimation of functional reserves of the respiratory system of young untrained persons staying in the different conditions of life. The lung function of healthy young female persons at rest and after dosed physical activity, which used the sample of Martin, was investigated by standard and forced methods of spirometry.

WBС Formula as an Indicator of the Adaptation Status of Rural and Urban Residents

The paper shows the opportunities of using WBC formula to evaluate the adaptation status of urban and rural residents to the complex of socio-economic and environmental conditions of the region. It was found that the age of the second physiological chiasm of Oryol region’s children accounts for a period of 5–6 years, which cor- responds to the generally accepted standards. Physiological highly adaptive responses were recorded among 47.4% of adolescents, 67% of rural and 36.7% of urban residents.

Antimycotic Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Depending on the Stabilizer Used

In the last decade, a large number of factual data about the steadily increasing complications caused by gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, as well as caused by fungi of the genus Candida, have been obtained. The developed situation was a powerful stimulus for the search and creation of new products containing substances with pronounced chemical-physical properties and high biological activity. The modern and promising direction was the using of nano- technology, in particular, metallic nanoparticles.

Study of Phylogenetic Connections of Representatives of the Genus Mesobuthus (Arachnida: Scorpiones) on the Basis of Molecular DNA Analysis

The aim of the research is to determine the phylogenetic connections of scorpion representatives of the genus Mesobuthus living in the Lower Volga region and their comparison with other taxa (subspecies and species of this genus). For this, scorpions were collected on the territory of the Lower Volga region. The nucleotide sequences of the collected specimens were deciphered and compared with the sequences of species of the genus Mesobuthus from other regions of the Palearctic. The phylogenetic connections of the investigated objects are determined.

Morphofunctional Changes in Microcirculatory Vessels of Hypertensive Rats’ Cardiac Muscle under Stress

Investigations of disorders of the heart’s structure and functions at the early stages of development, elaboration of prophylactic measures preventing or decreasing the risk of myocardium in- farction with the presence of the hypertension disease continue to remain unconditionally topical up to now. The aim of this ex- perimental work lies in finding out the morphofunctional signs of cardiovascular lesions produced by stress factors with the presence of arterial hypertension.