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The Rare and Endangered Species of Mammals Recommended for Entering into the Third Edition of the Red Book of the Saratov Region

The list of species of the mammals recommended for entering into the third edition of the Red List of the Saratov region is provided. The necessity to correct and extend the protected taxon list in comparison with the second edition is substantiated.

Photosynthetic Activity of the Dodder Cuscuta campestris (Convolvulaceae) in Case of Plant Inhabitation by the Gallformed Weevil Smicronyx smreczynskii (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

In the article parameters of photosynthetic apparatus and dependence of the efficiency and rate of photosynthesis on irradiance in flowering plant – parasitic dodder Cuscuta campestris colonized by gallinducing insect from the family of weevils Smicronyx smreczynskii were determined for the first time. Gall formation by Smicronyx smreczynskii is supposed to lead to the increase in the photosynthesis efficiency by the increase in the number of reaction centers of photosystem II of the dodder Cuscuta campestris

Effect of Exopolysaccharides of the Bacterium Paenibacillus Polymyxa 1465 on Growth and Defense Responses of Wheat

Rhizobacteria of the genus Paenibacillus promote plant growth and induced systemic resistance to diverse environmental stresses. Here we present the results for the effect of exopolysaccharides (EPS) obtained from growth of Paenibacillus polymyxa 1465 with different carbon sources on the early stages in the development of wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Saratovskaya 29) and on the peroxidase activity in wheat seedling tissue.

Fragmentation of Quercetin and Naringenin and Photoinduced Processes under Laser Desorption/Ionization Conditions

We found that under laser desorption and ionization conditions, quercetin, belonging to the flavonol family, undergoes a decay, which occurs through a photoinduced reaction followed by dimerization of the forming biradical and by the subsequent fragmentation of the dimer. Naringenin, belonging to the flavonone family, also undergoes similar fragmentation, but owing to the lack of conjugation in the C ring, the forming biradical particle is not capable of further dimerization in the same way as observed for quercetin because of its low stability.

Type Specimens of Alchemilla L., Corispermum L., Koeleria Pers., Onosma L. Kept in the Sprygin Herbarium of Penza State University (PKM)

Sprygin Herbarium of Penza State University – the largest sci- entific Botanical collection with the international acronym of the PKM, founded in 1894 on the initiative of the largest naturalist Ivan Sprygin. In the collections of the Penza Herbarium contains about 170 000 herbarium sheets of vascular plants, mossy plants, algae, lichens and fungi, of which over 30 authentic samples. Since 2009, the Herbarium is the electronic cataloguing of the collection. Results of revision on the type of genus Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae), Corispermum L.

On the Study of the Genus Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) in the Penza Region

As a result of critical revision, 37 species of the genus Alchemilla were revealed in the Penza region (Russia): A. acutiloba Opiz, A. atrifolia Zamelis, A. baltica G. Sam. ex Juz., A. breviloba H. Lindb., A. cheirochlora Juz., А. conglobata H. Lindb., А. cymatophylla Juz., А. decalvans Juz., А. exilis Juz., А. glabricaulis H. Lindb., А. hebescens Juz., A. heptagona Juz., A. hians Juz., А. hirsuticaulis H. Lindb., A. homoeophylla Juz., А. leiophylla Juz., А. lessingiana Juz., А. lindbergiana Juz., A. litwinowii Juz., A. macrescens Juz., А. micans Buser, A.

Screening of Genus Azospirillum for their Ability to Produce Extracellular Lignin-Peroxidase and the Degradation of Model Lignin Compounds and Azo Dyes

Lignin peroxidase is one of the main enzymes of fungi decomposers of wood, that is capable to many non-specific oxidation of aromatic and polycyclic compounds. By the beginning of our research there were virtually no data of the bacteria’s ability to produce the lignin peroxidase. Rather recently lignin peroxidase activity was detected by us in the washouts from the surface of the bacterial cells and in intracellular extracts of bacteria from genus Azospirillum.

The Influence of Aqueous Dispersions of Metal Nanoparticles on the Adhesive Properties of the Standard and Clinical Strains of Staphylococcus aureus

The initial stage of interaction of infectious agents with micro-organisms cells is the process of adhesion. So there is a need to develop methods that reduce the adhesive activity of microorganisms. Aim: to study the impact of water and water dialyzed dispersion of silver and copper nanoparticles obtained by biochemical synthesis, on the adhesive properties of the standard and clinical strains of S. aureus. Using standard techniques for cells of S.

Morphologigal Characteristics of Seeds of Some Iris L. Species in Saratov Region

The research presents the results of morphological study of seeds belong to five species of Iris L.: I. aphylla L., I. halophila Pall., I. pseudacorus L. I. pumila L., I. sibirica L. which existed in Saratov region and cultivated in the botanical gardens of national research of Saratov state university, previously named «N. G. Chernyshevsky».

Light Influence on Morphogenesis Wheat

In work results of research morphogenesis wheat are presented at presence or absence of the light factor. Influence of light on growth of all leaf shoot, activity of a cone of increase and growth of germinal root system of a seedling of wheat is established. In the presence of the light factor growth epicotyl begins with the moment of the termination of growth coleoptile. Growth epicotyl occurs synchronously to growth of a sheath of 1st leaf. In the absence of light growth coleoptile and epicotyl proceeds and after end of growth of a plate and a sheath of 1st leaf.