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Antagonistic Activity of Bacterial Association of Apple Shoots Against Phytopathogenic Fungi

Microbial associations on surfaces and internal environment on shoots of apple sorts Golden Delicious, Wealthy and Berkutovka with symptoms of fungal infections were studied. 195 strains of epiphytic and endophytic bacteria, of which 8 strains had marked antagonistic activity against phytopathogenic fungi Alternaria alternaria, Aspergillus tubiengensis, Fusarium incarnatum equiseti, Fusarium tricinctum and Phoma fungicola were isolated. Antagonistic bacterial strains are identified as Bacillus amyloliquefaciens SA77, B. badius SA68, B. gibsonii SA104, B.

The Female Gametophyte Structure Features of Two Nicotiana Tabacum L. Mutant Lines

The embryo sacs structure in the two mutant lines of Nicotiana tabacum L. was investigated. The various disturbances in the megagametopyte structure were detected. In the М-3 line the gametophyte mutation suppresses the nucleus mitotic activity and cell walls initiation in embryo sacs. These disturbances lead to the formation of low-nuclear coenocytic or cellular gametophytes. In М-2 line the cellular gametophytes with increased number of cells and nucleus was dominated. The reason of this phenomenon is an increase of mitosis number during a gametophytogenesis.

Acoustic Communication Signals between Ants of the Genus Formica (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and Myrmecophilous Beetles of the Genus Scydmaenus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)

In the article was given the mathematical approaches to classification and clustering of data of acoustic signals in communication between myrmecophilic beetles (Scydmaenus hellwigii) and ants (Formica rufa). For the first time for these species were used a cluster analysis which revealed four clusters, each of them has its own command from the beetle to the ant. Each command was defined by specific ranges of dominant frequencies and a range of medium amplitudes (the values of the parameters R).

The Analysis of Phytophagous Mammals Trophic Activity in Different Biocenoses

The aim of the item is to collect and analyse the literature material of many researchers on trophic activity of phytophagous mammals. The characteristic of phytophagous animals’ feeding base has been given. The main emphasis in the collected material was put on ungulates, in particular on the elk as the largest dendrophage (wood-eating animal) of forest biocenoses in Russia.

Breaking Physical Dormancy of the Laburnum anagyroides Seeds by in vivo and in vitro Conditions

Laburnum anagyroides Medik. is a popular ornamental tree native to the Mediterranean region. Its seeds are characterized of a physical dormancy, complicating seed reproduction. The present study was conducted to identify the seed dormancy breaking treatments to improve seed germination. The various stratification techniques (cold and warm treatments, alternate temperature regime) were tested. Simultaneously, the seeds were germinated in soil and on different nutrient media in vitro.

Prevalence of Nosocomial Strains Enterobacteriaceae Have Carbapenemases in Russia

In this article we have looked into the matter of antibiotic resistance among the group of nosocomial strains Enterobacteriaceae which has been determined by the production of carbapenemases. In 2014 there were revealed four types of enzymes and six types of enterobacterias. The main causative agent of nosocomial infections and the major host of the acquired carbapenemases gene is Klebsiella pneumonia. There were cases of carbapenemases’ production about extramural flora of hospitalized patients.

Biological Characteristics of Productivity of Various Breeding and Genetic Forms Winter Rye

The paper presents the results of a study of the biological characteristics of productivity of various breeding and genetic forms of winter rye, presented by grades and district of the Saratov breeding. Significant varietal differences in development of individual morphological parameters of the shoot.

The Frequency of Apomixis in Populations of Chondrilla Species in the South of Europen Part of Russia

The monitoring of the frequency of apomixis was making in popu- lations of 7 species of Chondrilla in the south of european part of Russia. It is shown that the plants of 6 examined species (C. juncea, C. graminea, C. canescens, C. brevirostris, C. latifolia и C. acantho- lepis) are characterized by their ability to seed reproduction by apo- mixis. This fact is confirmed by results of a study of seed productivity of the species of the genus Chondrilla at the regime of blossoming without pollen and cytoembryological analysis megagametophytes of the same plants.

Study of Correlation between Growth Rate of Children and Monophtalate Concentrations in Urine

The study presents the results of determining of phthalate metabolites in urine of pre-school and primary school children by HPLC/MS. The correlation between growth rate of children and the concentration of phthalate metabolites in their urine was examined. The detected range of phthalate metabolite concentrations (mono-methyl phthalate, mono-butyl phthalate, mono-ethylhexyl phthalate) in urine of children was 0.0004–0.012 mg/dm3.

Features of Growth and Development of Wheat Seedlings (TriticumaestivumL.) under the Action of 2,4,6-triphenyl-3,5-dichloropyridine and 2,6-diphenyl-3-chloropyridine

A biological testing of new synthetic heterocyclic compounds – 2,4,6-triphenyl-3,5-dichloropyridine and 2,6-diphenyl-3-chloropyri- dine differing more halogen atoms and phenyl fragments of the pyri- dine ring. The compounds were first obtained at the Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry National Research Saratov State University. The objects of the study were the seedlings of spring wheat TriticumaestivumL. The test solutions had a positive effect on the rate root-maintenance seedlings in all variants of the experiment.