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Using Syntetically Antyoxidants for Keeping Bacterium Vitality with Stress Abioethics Factors Activity

The influence of syntetical compound with antioxidative activity on increaseing of vitality gram-positive and gram-negative microorgan­ isms under stressful action of antibiotical factors was shown.

Particularities of Seed Reproduction Antennaria Dioica (L.) Gaertn. Populations from Saratov Region and Adjoining Territory

It is shown that the plant A. dioica populations in the Saratov re­ gion, i.e. in the south-eastern border area of the species, are repro­ duced by seeds exclusively through amfimixis, while the north (in the Penza region), i.e. closer to the central part of the area - through an facultative apomixis.

Photoregulation of Seed Wheat Germination

Based on literature review and own investigations a grow photoregu­ lation problem of wheat seedlings was analyzed. Was show, that some photoregulation systems of wheat embryo have tuned in certain level of light signal. Was proposed the important role of lightenviron­ ment in a period of seeds embryogenesis for wheat germination.

The Space Linkage between of Anomales of Density of Birds and Mammals’ Species and Entropy of River Basins Landscapes of the South Part of Volga Upland

Peculiarities of the linkage between specific birds and mammals density anomalies and entropy of river basins landscapes were investigated. Using mapping methods it has been found that positiv anomalies are concentrated in slopes of Volga-Don, Tereshka-Sura and Tereshka-Tersa watersheds and Medveditsa river valley; the negative ones are connected with agrocenosises of Chardym, Kurdum fnd Shiroky Karamysh rivers valleys.

Immunochemical Study of Antigenic Properties of Soil Plant- Growth-Promotion Bacteria of the Genus Azospirillum

The results of immunochemical analysis of 63 strains of associative rhizobakteria genus Azospirillum presented in this paper. Significant heterogeneity of O-antigens of strains of A. lipoferum and A. brasi­ lense have been demonstrated, as well as the high similarity of the antigenic properties of LPS strains of A. irakense. Serologically prov­ ed isolated strain A. amazonense. High conservatism of major protein antigens of these bacteria have been showed.

Modern Approaches to Using Room Plants for Schools Practice in Teaching to Biology

The paper discusses  a problem concerning the choice of house plants for school biology classrooms in Saratov and Saratov region. A list of house plants for the biology classroom is given. 15 species plants are described according to the principles of choice. The au­ thors give a model of a passport of one the house plants.

Using TIО2 Nanoparticles for the Photodynamic Action of Led Blue (405 nm) Radiation on Microorganisms

The regularities of radiation-induced changes in the population quan­ tity of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans in the presence of blue LED light and nanoparticles were studied. The effect of the blue radiation on the bacteria S. aureus was not dose­ dependent.

Indexes of Cardio-Vascular System Influenced by Cold Temperature

There were represented that diversified changes  of the cardio­ vascular system's indexes are resulted from human adaptation to the temperature is much down and to the hard local cold temperature effect. People who have adaptation to the work in the cold accommo­ dations have no changes in heart pulse and in arterial pressure dur­ ing the short-term cooling of an arm.

Dehydrogenase Activity in Oil-Contaminated Soils as a Monitoring Instrument of Bioremediation Technologies

The dynamics of dehydrogenase activity in a southern chernozemic oil-contaminated soil during natural attenuation and by  using two remediation techniques (stimulation of an indigenous microflora and introduction of active oil-oxidizing Dietzia maris strain AM3) was examined in laboratory experiments. It was shown that dehydroge­ nase activity expediently use to estimate the initial bioremediation processes and for monitoring the remediation process by bioaugmen­ tation.

Estimation of Perspective Varieties of Spring Wheat on the Lectin Content

For field experiments  in an effort to elucidate functions  of the wheat lectin (wheat germ agglutinin, WGA), the establishment of varieties sharply  contrasting in the lectin content is  very  important. As  the starting point for solution of this  problem we studied the WGA variability  in the seeds  of 33 spring wheat varieties  obtained in two different breeding centers: Saratov's  and Kharkov’s  those. The vari­ ability  in response to environment for Saratovskaya 29 was  also estimated.