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The effect of metal salts on the activity of the phenol oxidase complex enzymes of bacteria of the genus Azospirillum

. Recently, much attention has been paid to the development of technologies for biodegradation of organopollutants and the search for promising biodestructors. The environmental accumulation of lignin-like compounds and synthetic dyes poses a huge threat not only to ecosystems and biodiversity, but also to human health. Phenol oxidases are enzymes with broad substrate specifi city, with oxidizing ability towards various polyphenols and aromatic amines. Therefore the use of phenol oxydases as bioremediation agents is promising due to their unique catalytic properties.

Assessment of the content of biologically active substances and chemical elements in the leaves of Hosta and Iris hybrida in the landscaping of the Novosibirsk region

The article for the fi rst time presents the comparative results of the content of ash substances, sulfur, phenolic compounds (tannins), ascorbic acid in the leaves of plants Iris hybrida, Hosta decorata, H. albomarginata, H. lancifolia, cultivated in the Central Siberian Botanical Garden (CSBS, Akademgorodok) and used in landscaping the urban environment of the Berdsk and Koltsovo settlements (Novosibirsk region) during the seasonal development in 2020.

A study of manganese-oxidizing microorganisms isolated from microbiocenoses of highly magnetic soils

From the stand point of the possible use of microorganisms in water purifi cation biotechnologies, studying microorganisms capable of removing dangerous pollutants such as heavy metals from the aquatic environment is of great importance. Microbial screening was conducted on isolates from microbiocenoses of highly magnetic soils of the city Mednogorsk (Orenburg region, Russia), to assess their resistance to manganese (II) ions.

Neocrambus wolfschlaegeri (Schawerda, 1937) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae, Crambinae) new to Russia

Crambid moth Neocrambus wolfschlaegeri (Schawerda, 1937) is reported from the Volga-Ural Region (Orenburg and Saratov Provinces). This represents the fi rst record of this species from Russia. The external morphology and genitalia are illustrated and some details of the morphology are discussed.

К вопросу об идентификации представителей группы порядков дискомицеты (отдел Ascomycota) методом компьютерного зрения

Дискомицеты – группа порядков грибов отдела Ascomycota, объединенных по принципу строения плодового тела, играют важную роль в поддержании стабильности природных сообществ. В данный момент в большинстве регионов Российской Федерации информация о данной группе грибов нуждается в дополнении или критическом пересмотре.

О значении хемотаксономической корреляции при изучении аллелопатического потенциала аборигенных и чужеродных видов трав

В статье представлены результаты скрининга на аллелопатическую активность трех пар «абориген-интродуцент», из систематически близких на уровне рода, видов трав, в том числе инвазивных. Показано, что экстракты листьев концентрацией 1% Solidago virgaurea и S. canadensis, Pulmonaria obscura и P. saccharata, Veronica serpyllifolia и V. filiformis в связи с хемосистематической корреляцией фитосостава оказали близкое или равновеликое ингибирующее воздействие на прорастание семян и рост корней тест-культуры в биотестах. Экстракты видов Solidago sp. и Pulmonaria sp.

Phylogenetic relationships of scorpions of the genus Mesobuthus (Vachon, 1950) from the Lower Volga and Southern Urals

. The article presents data on the new location of scorpions of the genus Mesobuthus in the Orenburg Nature Reserve. The aim of the work is to determine the species on the basis of the identifi ed morphological features of populations living in the Southern Urals (the territory of the Orenburg Nature Reserve, Orenburg region, Kuvandyksky Mountains.

Soil-ecological assessment of saffl ower growing conditions (Carthamus tinctorius L.) in the Central Black Earth region of Russia and Central Asia

The features of the development of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) in regions that are significantly remote geographically and differ sharply in environmental and climatic conditions – Central Asia (Republic of Tajikistan, Sughd region; Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl region) and the Central Black Earth region of the Russian Federation (Voronezh region). A comparative analysis of the development of C.

Evaluation of ctxA gene expression of Vibrio cholerae strain 569B in the production of cholera vaccine

Cultivation of production strains of Vibrio cholerae is one of the most important stages in the production of cholera bivalent chemical vaccines. In the production of immunobiological preparations, it is necessary to use producer strains with stable properties that persist in a number of generations. The aim of this study was to evaluate the expression of the ctxA gene using molecular genetic methods of the V. cholerae 569B producing strain.

Flora of water bodies and streams in Saratov region: The history of research and the current status

. Water plants and coastal riparian plants are an integral part of the habitat forming component of water ecosystems in Saratov region. This article gives a review of long-term research of fl ora in many water reservoirs and water streams of the Saratov region. The analysis of literature in its historical aspect showed that the degree of scientifi c knowledge about water fl ora in the Saratov region is still insuffi cient despite multiple research projects conducted at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries.