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Bioaccumulation of Cadmium (II) by Bacillus sp. 14 Rhizobacteria

To study the resistance of isolated rhizobacterium Bacillus sp. 14 to cadmium (II), bioaccumulation of the metal by this microorganism was investigated. It was shown that accumulation of cadmium (II) occurs during the exponential phase of the microorganism’s growth. The predominant role of the extracellular surface of the growing cells Bacillus sp. 14 in the cadmium (II) resistance was clarified.

Biology Features of Ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the National Park «Khvalynsky» (Saratov Region)

Ants are essential component of ecosystems. Their success is due to the social organization, the ability to alter habitat and use a variety of food resources. Food objects of ants are not large invertebrates, seeds of plants and honeydew aphids. The activity of ant in community dedicated to different time slots. We have founded the dominant group of ants in size in the studied associations (Tetramorium caespitum – in forest; Lasius alienus and species of the genus Myrmica – in steppe). Installed the fauna of 5 living in the ant nests of studied species.

Light-dependent Bioelectric Activity of Wheat Seedlings

Was studied the peculiarities of tissue changes of bioelectric potentials of spring wheat seedlings in the early stages of ontogeny. Appreciated the contribution of the spectral composition of light and simulated drought conditions on the formation of action potentials in the tissues. It was found that the bioelectrical reaction of wheat seedlings to light exposure differs from etiolated plants and pre-lit. It shows more value to generate an action potential areas of blue and red region of the spectrum.

Spatial Structure of Spermophilus Pygmaeus Pallas, 1778 Settlements Found in the Territory of the North-Western Caspian-Sea Region

Represented are the results of assessment regarding abundance rates and spatial structure of little souslik settlements situated in the territory of the North-Western Caspian-Sea Region. Investigated are the factors affecting the spatial structure of its settlements in the territory of the Ergeninsk Upland, Sarpinsk and Caspian Depressions.

The Malondialdehyde Assessment in the Blood Serum of Ultrahigh Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposed Animals

The goal of this research was lipid peroxidation process assessment for different levels of ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic field and different time exposure. There were animal 171 MHz one time exposures during 1 and 3 hours. In the blood serum of exposed animals the malondialdehyde concentration evaluated the lipid peroxidation process. The research results shown the statistically significant electromagnetic field biological effects as for maximum field strength 1 hour exposure, as lower field strength 3 hours exposure.

Features of in vitro Cold Storage of Some of Rare and Endangered Plants of Saratov Region

The article presents the results of work on preservation of plant tissues and organs of rare and endangered species in conditions of slow growth. Special attention is paid to modeling objects, Silene cretacea and Potentilla volgarica – obligate calcifythes enlisted in the Red book of the Russian Federation. Slower growth of the explants was provided by reducing the cultivation temperature to +5±1 C and introducing into the nutrient medium of osmotic (sucrose 30, 60 or 90 g/l), retardant (chlorcholinechloride) and/or sorbent (activated carbon).

Morphological Variability in Populations of Chondrilla L. (Asteraceae) in European Russia

The morphological variability in populations of Chondrilla was subject to the numerical analysis using the unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean (UPGMA). The study showed that out of the seven species of the genus found in European Russia, it is only C. ambigua that has the status of undoubted species. A distinct difference is observed between the two groups of populations: the first group comprising C. juncea, C. latifolia, C. brevirostris, and the mixed population of C. juncea/graminea; and the second group comprising the populations of C. graminea and C.

Type Specimens of Campanula L., Chamaecytisus Link, Polygala L., Thymus L., Kept in the Herbarium of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (NNSU)

The article describes basic stages of creation and development the Herbarium of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (NNSU), since the 20-s of the last century, shows the main areas of floristic researches. Designated the current status of the Herbarium. Given a list of the main species of plants described from the territory of the region. The necessity of the search and identification of authentic samples is shown. Results of revision on the type in the in the Herbarium of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (NNSU) are psesented.

Forming Strout Ability of English Rose Garden Party at the Introduction in the Botanical Garden Sgu

The article presents the results of the roses hybrid introduction. The results of the research on the formation and development of shoots of five sorts of roses that refer to garden group Austins selection in the conditions of the «Botanical Garden» Education and Research Ctnter are presented. The features of the relation of generative and vegetative shoots has been studied as decorative signs. We have studied the ability of the sorts to the resumption of bush size after winter period.

Complex Assessment of Toxicity of the Polymeric Connection Possessing Antimicrobic Activity

The complex estimation of toxicity of the polymer compounds – poly azolidin ammonium, modified hydrate ions of iodine, which has high antimicrobial activity was held. It is established that working concentrations of parent drug and its variants with different hydrate ions of iodine content do not cause death of biotestobjects of Daphnia magna Straus.