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Rare Spring Ephemeroids Flora of the Volga Upland

28 species of vascular plants of the Volga Upland – rare spring ephemeroids in need of protection and recommended for inclusion in the Red Data Book of the Volga basin.


Показано, что выращивание Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 и Sp7 в
присутствии эффективных концентраций рутина и кверцетина,
установленных для данных культур, приводило к изменениям
электрооптических характеристик суспензий бактериальных
клеток. Продемонстрировано изменение в этих условиях физи-
ко-химических и антигенных свойств поверхности бактериаль-
ных клеток и макромолекулярной организации ЛПС.


Установлены фенологические особенности непарного шелко-
пряда (Limantria dispar Linnaeus, 1758), златогузки (Euproctis
chrysorrhoea Linnaeus, 1758) и зеленой дубовой листовертки
(Tortrix viridana Linnaeus, 1758) в условиях Южного Предуралья.
Развитие куколок непарного шелкопряда в среднем происходит
за 28 дней с накоплением суммы среднесуточных положительных
температур 598°С. Лёт имаго филлофага происходит в период с
первой декады июля по вторую декаду августа. На фазу имаго

Assessment of Epizootiological Value of Fleas (Insecta, Siphonaptera) in the Phenomenon of Seasonal Plague Manifestations in the Steppe Natural Plague Foci of Souslik Type in the Northern, North-Western Pre-Caspian and Pre-Caucasus Regions

It has been determined that timescales of the beginning of summer intensive epizootics in the plain natural plague foci of souslik type in the Northern, North-Western Pre-Caspian and Pre-Caucasus Regions coincide with the period of adult small sousliks migration to the landscape lowering, building of protective burrows, and formation of flea micro-populations in them. Substantiated is existence of the mechanism that determines seasonal character of animals infecting during 30–40 days (III decade of May – II decade of June) at the same sites of focal territory.

Biosorption of Cu (II) by an Exopolysaccharide Isolated from Enterobacter Cloacae K7

An extracellular polysaccharide (EPS) produced by the gram- negative nonpathogenic rhizosphere bacteria Enterobacter cloa- cae K7 was isolated and characterized. The process of biosorption of Cu(II) cations from aqueous solution by the isolated exopoly- saccharides was investigated. The maximum sorption capac- ity was 0.17 mM/mg of EPS or 12 g of Cu(II) per g of EPS at pH 5, T = 25 °C, and incubation for 30 min.

To the Question of Histopathological Disorders of the Kidney of the Caspian Seal (Phoca caspica Gmelin, 1788) in the System «Mother–Fetus»

In this work we present these histological examination of the kidneys of pregnant females Caspian seals and their fetuses. In the renal tissue of Mature females seals were marked signs of chronic glo- merulonephritis and amyloidosis.

Materials to the Study of the Lichen Flora of the National Park «Khvalynsky» (Saratov Region)

The article presents the results of lichens’ research of the National Park «Khvalynsky» in 2011–2013 and data processing of herbarium collection SARAT and other researchers. The annotated list is pre- sented. It includes 65 species. Among them one specie (Cladonia acuminata) is new for the Saratov Region, two species (Cladonia decorticata, Cl. botrytes) are new for the Privolzhskaya Upland.

Microbiological Indication of Soil above the Underground Storage of Natural Gas

Microbiological indication of soil over Stepnovskoye underground storage of natural gas was carried out on the basis of estimating the number of heterotrophic, hydrocarbon-oxidizing and methylotrophic bacteria. Increased number of microorganisms of test physiological groups were found, indicating the admission of methane in the upper layers of the soil. The possibility of using hydrocarbon-oxidizing and methylotrophic bacteria for environmental monitoring of soil in the areas of natural gas storage facilities was shown.

The Effect of Emotional and Severe Pathological Stresses on the Level of Arterial Pressure and the Production of Testosterone in Female and Male Rats

The serum level of testosterone is indicator of organismcapacity. Chronic stress is accompanied by development of more pronounced arterial hypertension in males compared with females that is associated with the decrease in production of testosterone in males but not in females.

The Results of the Inventory of the Lepidoptera Fauna (Insecta: Lepidoptera) of the Volga-Ural Region

Presents the distribution of 3489 species of Lepidoptera from 83 families on the basic administrative units of the region. To the base list of E. Eversmann added 2209 species, 35 species were removed from the list as incorrectly identified previously, reliably disappeared in the region or accidentally introduced. Among the newly discovered species 2 were new for Europe and 3 for Russia.