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Evaluation of Reproduction Conditions of Commercial Fish in Iriklin Reservoir to the Juvenile Fish Productivity

Reproduction conditions of commercial fish in Iriklin Reservoir have been investigated. There is a significant difference in reproduction conditions of the certain species. There are quite favorable condi- tions for a perch. Reproduction conditions for a roach in certain stretches of the reservoir vary from quite favorable to favorable. Reproduction conditions of the rest of commercial fish species are quite unfavorable. 

Realization Systemically – Activity Approach at Biology Lessons within Fgos

System and activity approach – a teoretiko-methodological basis of introduction of FGOS. Article is devoted to questions of introduction of system and activity approach in process of training of biology at concrete rural school. In article results of progress of pupils of 5– 6 classes and quality of their training for two academic years are analyzed. Positive dynamics of quality of training is noted.

Role of Sulfonylurea Receptor in the Development of Stress-induced Hemorrhagic Cerebral Infarction in Newborn Rats

In this article, we develop a model of hemorrhagic infarct of brain in neonatal rats. The results of histological analysis showed that on the next day after exposure to stress sound (120 dB) for 2 hours, there are small focal subcortical hemorrhage, the brain edema, hypoxia and accumulation of blood area of in macro- and microcirculation. Speckle imaging of cerebral circulation revealed hyperperfusion of brain tissue with increase size of the cerebral veins in newborn rats with stress-induced intracranial hemorrhages.

Potamogetonaceae in Herbarium SSU (Sarat). Part 1

The article presents the results of the inventory of herbarium collections of eight species of Potamogetonaceae, stored in the Herbarium of SSU, a database of locations of these species, including 101 record from the territory of Astrakhan, Volgograd, Penza, Samara, Saratov region and Western Kazakhstan.

The Role of Beta-2-Adrenomediated Mechanisms of Injures of Venous Cerebral Blood Flow in Newborn Rats with Intracranial Hemorrhage

Development of stress-induced hemorrhagic cerebral infarction in neonatal rats is accompanied by pathological relaxation of cerebral veins that provokes the appearance of venous insufficiency and reduced outflow of blood from the brain. These critical changes in cerebral blood flowprecede intracranial hemorrhage and may be predictors of the risk of stroke in the first days after birth.

The State of the Cenopopulation Delphinium Pubiflorum (Dc.) Turcz. Ex Huth in Tatishevskiy District of the Saratov Region

Delphinium pubiflorum grows sparsely in the meadow-steppe forbgrass-shrub community on carbonate chernozem fairly rich soil. Habitat conditions correspond to moderately variable meadow-steppe hydration. The spatial structure of populations of non-uniform: there are a multitude of plants and detached instances; population density was approximately 7–8 plants per 100 m2.

Type Specimens of Thymus L. (Lamiaceae) Kept in the Sprygin Herbarium of Penza State University (PKM)

Sprygin Herbarium of Penza State University – the largest scientific Botanical collection with the international acronym of the PKM, founded in 1894 on the initiative of the largest naturalist Ivan Sprygin. In the collections of the Penza Herbarium contains about 170 000 herbarium sheets of vascular plants, mossy plants, algae, lichens and fungi, of which over 30 authentic samples. Since 2009, the Herbarium is the electronic cataloguing of the collection. Results of revision on the type of genus Thymus L.

Biological Properties of Bacteria – Assiociants Aphis Pomi Degeer, 1773

The biological features of associative microorganisms Aphis pomi in the Saratov Region were studied. 12 species of bacteria from 2 genera were isolated. 94.2% of the species are able to use glucose; 76.5% – saccharose. Alkaline pH is preferred 100% of the isolates. Bacillus funiculus, B. clausii, B. oleronius, B. soli have pectinase activity, 83% of the species have the enzyme nitrogenase, 58% of species are capable to recove cellulose.

Biological Properties of Bacteria – Assiociants Schizaphis graminum Rondani, 1852

The biological features of associative microorganisms Schizaphis graminum in the Saratov Region were studied. 3 species of bacteria from genera Bacillus were isolated. 100% of the species are able to use glucose and xylose; 66,7% – saccharose and mannitol. Alkaline pH is preferred 100% of the isolates. Bacillus clausii, B. oleronius and B. soli have nitrogenase activity and are able to utilize nitrate


This study was done to evaluate the bacterial profile and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of urinary tract infections (UTIs) microbial causative agents. For proper identification of causative microbial agents, mid– stream urine (MSU) samples were taken from 325 patients suspected to have UTI. These specimens were cultured and subjected to appropriate biochemical tests. Our results revealed that 200 urine samples showed positive cultures. The most prevalence isolates were Escherichia coli with frequency rate of 55.5%, followed by Klebsiella spp.