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Подбор оптимального режима стерилизации семян Carthamus tinctorius L. препаратом «Лизоформин-3000» на этапе введения в культуру in vitro

Carthamus tinctorius L. является хозяйственно ценной масличной культурой. Загрязнение его семенного материала ведет к снижению всхожести семян, урожайности и качества получаемой продукции. Авторами было проведено исследование по определению оптимального режима стерилизации семян сафлора препаратом «Лизоформин-3000», состоящее из нескольких этапов.

Методика оценки здоровья среды по величине флуктуирующей асимметрии древесных растений: влияние субъективных факторов и анализ возможных причин искажения результатов

На основании собственных материалов и анализа литературных данных рассматриваются причины повышения показателя флуктуирующей асимметрии (ФА) у древесных растений. На примере березы повислой Betula pendula Roth показано, что высокие показатели ФА могут быть обусловлены биотопическими особенностями, возрастным состоянием, повреждением вредителями, климатическими условиями, сроками сбора. К завышению результатов измерения ФА может привести недостаточная квалификация исследователя.

Evolutionary role of apomixis: S. S. Khokhlov’s hypothesis in the light of modern data

In 1949 S. S. Khokhlov (one of the founders of the Russian scientifi c school on the problem of apomixes) proved the original conception of the progressive evolutionary role of apomixis. He contended that the basic direction of the reproductive system evolution in angiosperms is a gradual failure of sex reproduction and transition to apomixis. This hypothesis was heavily criticized and called a “scientist’s fantasy”.

Morphometry and seed productivity of some representatives of the Lamiaceae family of a plot of medicinal plants of the Botanical Garden of the Orеnburg State University

Data on the study of morphometric parameters of medicinal plants such as Hyssopus offi cinalis L. and Nepeta pannonica L., which are part of the collection of medicinal plants of the Botanical Garden of the Orеnburg State University, are presented. It was found that the studied species successfully adapt to new growing conditions, since the parameters of morphometry vary within the medium to very high levels of variability. However, Nepeta pannonica L.

Correlation analysis of traits characterizing the yield and product quality of representatives of the genus Allium (subgenus Cepa)

In the conditions of the Moscow region, 10 samples of representatives of the genus Allium L. were studied, including: A. altaicum Pall., A. fi stulosum L., A. galanthum Kar. & Kir., A. oschaninii O. Fedtsch., A. pskemense B. Fedtsch from the section Cepa (Mill.) Prokh.; A. altyncolicum N. Friesen, A. ledebourianumSchult. & Schult. f., A. oliganthum Kar. & Kir., A. schoenoprasum L. from the section Schoenoprasum Dum.; A. komarovianum Vved. from the section Sacculiferum P. P. Gritz.

Antagonistic activity of Bacillus velezensis

A large number of synthetic pesticides have been developed to combat phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi, but their use is economically unprofi table and harms the environment. The aim of this study was to evaluate the antagonistic properties of Bacillus velezensis HR13 bacteria in relation to cultures of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi, as well as the ability to produce cyclic lipopeptides, which have antimicrobial activity. It is shown that strain B.

The characteristics of the elemental composition of the scots pine wood in accordance with the conditions of a growing site and a vegetation phase

The formation of the elemental composition of plants is a dynamic process, which is aff ected by a large number of concurrent genetic and environmental factors, and their signifi cance varies according to the conditions and the state of the environment. The goal of the work was to study the characteristics of the accumulation of 8 chemical elements in Scots pine wood under the infl uence of seasonal and ecological variability.

Some aspects of antimicrobial photodynamic eff ects

Antimicrobial phototherapy is an alternative method for combating clinically signifi cant microorganisms associated with lesions of the skin, mucous membranes of the oral cavity, respiratory, gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts. The method uses non-toxic dyes called photosensitizers, molecules that can be excited by harmless visible light to form reactive oxygen species.

Рост и развитие стебля яровой мягкой пшеницы сортов саратовской селекции

Проанализированы рост и развитие междоузлий на примере сорта Саратовская 36. Среди сортов яровой мягкой пшеницы саратовской селекции установлены различия по абсолютной и относительной длине междоузлий.