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Impact of the Predator on Quality Indicators Grain of Soft Wheat

The aim of this study was to identify the effect of precursor (vapor, winter wheat) on the non-traditional selective grain quality parameter intensity of spring common wheat. The parameters include dough development time, dough stability, energy absorbed by dough while kneading and starch retrogradation coefficient. The data have been obtained using a Mixolab device.

Economic and Biological Characteristics of the New Generation of Winter Wheat Varieties

The aim of the work is a comparative assessment of economic and biological characteristics (yield and crop structure elements, winter hardiness, morphological structure of the stem) of the new generation of winter soft wheat varieties. The studies were conducted in 2017–2019 in the conditions of the South-East of the Central black earth region. The object of research is winter wheat, represented by varieties Steppe 135, Basalt, Chernozem 115, Chernozem 130 and Basalt 2, created at different times of selection work.

Construction of Consciousness and Implementation of Seed Productivity of Various Varieties of Branch Onion (Allium ramosum L., Amaryllidaceae Jaume St.-Hil.) in the Conditions of the Moscow Region

Allium ramosum L. – type species of the subgenus Butomissa (Salisb.), Section Butomissa. The species has a fairly high seed productivity, which varies widely. This article presents the results of a study of seed productivity under the conditions of artificial phytocenosis of the Moscow Region in four commercial varieties of A. ramosum. In alluvial meadow soils, fruit setability was 88.9–95.8%, real seed productivity was fixed at 3.5–18.5 g/plant, 1000 seeds weight was 4.2–5.9 g. Average insemination was noted 3, 0–5.9 pieces/fruit.

Economic and biological characteristics of the biotypical composition of spring wheat varieties

The aim of this work is to study the component composition and intravarietal polymorphism of storage proteins of three soft and one hard varieties of spring wheat and their relationship with a complex of economically valuable traits. The studies were carried out in 2018–2020 by the department of genetics and immunity at the institute, in the conditions of the southeast of the Central Black Earth Region.

The structure of productivity elements of durum wheat varieties of Saratov selection

The objects of the study were plants of 14 varieties of durum wheat Triticum durum Desf., permitted for use at different times in the period from 1975 to 2014. An analysis of the elements of ear productivity in durum wheat plants of Saratov varieties under the conditions of 2020 was carried out. The varietal features of the development of the spike of the main shoot were revealed according to a number of characteristics: the number of spikelets in a spike, the number of grains in an ear, the weight of a grain, the number of ungrained and grained spikelets.