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Проблема загрязнения окружающей среды продуктами человеческой жизнедеятельности в настоящее время критически актуальна. Органические фрагменты подвергаются деструкции медленно и в результате накапливаются в экосистемах. Множество исследований подтверждают наличие различных поллютантов в реках, почвах, атмосфере. Несмотря на большой массив работ по поиску методов инактивации и очистки подобных загрязнителей, нет универсального, применимого к различным классам ксенобиотиков.

Study of adsorption of cadmium ions from solutions on natural and modifi ed diatomites

The search for new technologies for the purification of natural and waste water does not lose its relevance. Biologically, heavy metals are among the most dangerous pollutants. The highest toxicity among them has cadmium, causing serious environmental problems during technogenic pollution of the aquatic environment, and its extraction is an urgent task. The analysis of foreign studies on the extraction of cadmium ions is carried out.

Acid extraction of radionuclides from soil samples using autoclave decomposition

The specifi cs of the nuclear tests carried out on the territory of the former Semipalatinsk test site (STS) led to the emergence of various sites that diff er in levels of radioactive contamination and radionuclide composition. This also led to a signifi cant diff erence in the solubility of radioactive particles.

Determination of atmospheric air pollution by physical and chemical characteristics of snowmelt

 The state of the environment in cities is determined by the degree of pollution of individual components of the environment. Geochemical anomalies in urban agglomerations are often formed in pollution depositing media such as soil, snow cover, bottom sediments. The purpose of the study is environmental monitoring of anthropogenic impact in diff erent areas of Smolensk and Vyazma according to the physical and chemical characteristics of melted snow.

Electroanalytic properties of unmodified and polyaniline-modifi ed planar sensors sensitive to doxycycline

Doxycycline has a wide range of antimicrobial and anti-infl ammatory properties and is used to treat various infectious diseases. Spectroscopic, chromatographic, electrochemical, immunoassay and other methods are used to determine tetracycline antibiotics in various objects. Planar sensors allow express detection of antibiotics in small sample volumes. Planar potentiometric sensors based on ion associations doxycycline – tetraphenylborate (Copt = 2–3%), modifi er – polyaniline, for the quantitative determination of doxycycline have been developed.

Thin layer chromatography of some statins in aqueous organic mobile phases modified with buff er solutions

The influence of a number of factors on the chromatographic properties of statins (atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, simvastatin) in normal-phase and reverse-phase chromatography modes has been studied by the method of the thin-layer chromatography (TLC) in order to select the most effective analytical systems for the total and separate determination of statins in pharmaceuticals. The study has been performed by ascending TLC on commercial plates with polar, weakly polar, and nonpolar phases.

Free-radical graft copolymerization acrylamide, 2-sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic onto chitosan

The method presents obtaining hydrosoluble graft copolymer of complicated structure based on сhitosan, acrylamide (AM), sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic (АМPS-Na) in order to obtain fl ocсulant which is resistant to salt of transition metals and heat temperature, and in order to use it as a reagent for oil production processes.

4-Ethoxymethylene-2-phenyl-5(4H)-oxazolone in reactions with various heterocyclic amines

The analysis of the literature data has showed that there is no information on the behavior in 5(4H)-oxazolones with amines under the conditions of a sealed vessel reactor, which makes it possible to obtain heterocyclic systems with diff erent amines.

Preparation of new substituted imidazolone derivatives based on 1-(2-oxo-2-phenylethylidene)pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinolin-2-ones

This work demonstrates the possibility of obtaining new biologically active molecules containing a privileged imidazolone fragment by the Brønsted acid-catalyzed reaction of 1,3-dimethylurea with 1-(2-oxo-2-phenylethylidene)pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinolin-2-ones. The presence of an active oxoylidene system in ones makes it possible to introduce these compounds into cyclization reactions with various binucleophilic agents.


Анализ полупродуктов на разных этапах производства и готовой лекарственной продукции является неотъемлемой составляющей эффективной системы обеспечения качества фармацевтического производства. Традиционные методы, используемые в фармацевтической области, такие как спектрофотометрия, капиллярный электрофорез, газовая и жидкостная хроматография, довольно универсальны и эффективны.