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физиология человека

Expiratory Lung Volumes of Young People at Rest and Recovery Period after a Dosed Physical Load

The present research is devoted to the problems of a complex estimation of functional reserves of the respiratory system of young untrained persons staying in the different conditions of life. The lung function of healthy young female persons at rest and after dosed physical activity, which used the sample of Martin, was investigated by standard and forced methods of spirometry.

To the Question about the Reciprocal Conformity of the Transition Zone in the Chest Leads ECG, Heart Rate and Cerebral Hemodynamics

This work is devoted to research of features of the vegetative support of activity of young persons, their cerebral hemodynamics depending on the localization of the transition zone in the chest leads ECG in the process of performing active orthostatic test. Registration of ECG, parameters of cardiorhythmography, reoentsefalografii was carried out using the diagnostic complex «Valenta».

The Functional State of Systemic Hemodynamics Russian and Foreign Students at Orthostasis

This work is devoted to the comparative analysis of the functional state of systemic hemodynamics in Russian and foreign students depending on the localization of the transition zone in the chest leads of ECG during the active orthostatic test. Having assessed physical development, we measured the parameters of arterial pressure and ECG using the module «Electrocardiogram» APK «Valenta». The prevalence of asthenic type of physique in foreign students against the deficiency of physical development determines the vertical position of the heart.