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национальный парк «Хвалынский»

Materials to the Study of the Lichen Flora of the National Park «Khvalynsky» (Saratov Region)

The article presents the results of lichens’ research of the National Park «Khvalynsky» in 2011–2013 and data processing of herbarium collection SARAT and other researchers. The annotated list is pre- sented. It includes 65 species. Among them one specie (Cladonia acuminata) is new for the Saratov Region, two species (Cladonia decorticata, Cl. botrytes) are new for the Privolzhskaya Upland.

Biology Features of Ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the National Park «Khvalynsky» (Saratov Region)

Ants are essential component of ecosystems. Their success is due to the social organization, the ability to alter habitat and use a variety of food resources. Food objects of ants are not large invertebrates, seeds of plants and honeydew aphids. The activity of ant in community dedicated to different time slots. We have founded the dominant group of ants in size in the studied associations (Tetramorium caespitum – in forest; Lasius alienus and species of the genus Myrmica – in steppe). Installed the fauna of 5 living in the ant nests of studied species.

Ecological-faunistic Characteristic of the Nidicolous Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) of National Park «Khvalinsky» (Saratov Province)

The article contains information about taxonomic and ecological structure of nidicolous beetles of national park «Khvalinsky» (Saratov Province). The aspects of nidicolous fauna degradation associated with leaving marmots their burrows were traced. Revealed a clear separation of spring and summer faunas of burrowing insect communities.

Ecological Characteristic of Feather Grass Habitat (Stipa pennata L.) in Various Parts of the Range

The article gives an analysis of the ecological diversity of Stipa pennata cenopopulations in different parts of the range using D. N. Tsiganov’s amplitude ecological scales (1983) for 10 environmental parameters. Communities with S. pennata in the center of the range in the northeast of the Saratov right bank in the "Khvalynsky" National Park and at the northern border of the range in the eastern part of the Russian plain in the «Mari Chodra» National Park are considered.

New Associations of Steppe Vegetation in National Park «Khvalynsky»

The article considers the issue of studying the steppe vegetation of the Khvalynsky National Park from the standpoint of ecologophytocenotic and ecologo-floristic approaches to the classification of vegetation. New associations Alysso tortuosi-Artemisietum salsoloidis Lysenko ass. nov. hoc loco, Euphorbio glareosae-Festucetum valesiacae ass. nov. hoc loco, Artemisio marschallianae-Stipetum pennatae Lysenko ass. nov. hoc loco, Astragalo varii-Bromopsietum inermis Lysenko ass. nov. hoc loco, Astragalo albicaulis-Stipetum lessingianae Lysenko ass. nov.