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атомно-силовая микроскопия

Оценка фаголизабельности штаммов холерных вибрионов с использованием атомно-силовой микроскопии

В статье представлены экспериментальные данные о применении атомно-силовой микроскопии для определения чувствительности клеток бактерий к специфическим бактериофагам на примере штаммов холерных вибрионов и диагностических холерных фагов. Установлено, что лизис клеток бактерий специфическими фагами происходит в первые 60 мин взаимодействия. Показано, что атомно-силовая микроскопия может быть использована в качестве высокотехнологического инструмента определения фаголизабельности бактерий при внутривидовом типировании штаммов холерных вибрионов.

Study of the Morphological Features of the Cells of the Bacteria Yersinia pestis, Grown at Different Temperatures by Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic force microscopy in the study of bacterial cells allows the determination of such morphological parameters as: length, width, cell thickness, its perimeter, cross-sectional area, volume and root mean square roughness of the cell surface, which depends on the degree of laying of peptidoglycan and density of lipopolysaccharide. The aim of this work was to study the changes in the morphological parameters of the cell and the cell surface of bacteria when the temperature conditions of the culture medium change on the Y. pestis model.

Application of New Instrumental Methods for Evaluation of the Functional State of Cells of Francisella Tularensis in a Stressful Environment

The structure of the cell surface reflects the functional state of the bacterium as a whole. The presence of specific features of cells affects the biophysical characteristics of their surface: charge, free energy and hydrophobicity. The interaction of bacteria with biomolecules and particles is also related to these surface characteristics. The aim of our work was to study the function of F. tularensis 15 NIIEG cells under cultivation under stress using electro-optical (EO) monitoring.

Atomic Force Microscopy Study of the Surface of Films of Chitosan and Its Salts with Organic Acids

The results of the study of the morphology and surface topography of chitosan films of the salt (S-) and basic (B-) chemical form by atomic force microscopy are presented. The films were cast from polymer solutions in acetic, lactic, citric and succinic acid. NaOH and triethanolamine were used for the salt > chitosan base reaction. Surface tomograms were obtained; the main morphological characteristics and roughness parameters of the film samples were estimated.