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аскорбиновая кислота

Assessment of the content of biologically active substances and chemical elements in the leaves of Hosta and Iris hybrida in the landscaping of the Novosibirsk region

The article for the fi rst time presents the comparative results of the content of ash substances, sulfur, phenolic compounds (tannins), ascorbic acid in the leaves of plants Iris hybrida, Hosta decorata, H. albomarginata, H. lancifolia, cultivated in the Central Siberian Botanical Garden (CSBS, Akademgorodok) and used in landscaping the urban environment of the Berdsk and Koltsovo settlements (Novosibirsk region) during the seasonal development in 2020.


Методами ИК- и ЯМР-спектроскопии проведены оценки хи-
мического взаимодействия гидрохлорида хитозана с аскор-
биновой кислотой в водном растворе и конденсированном
состоянии. Высказано предположение об образовании про-
странственно сбли женного комплекса гидрохлорид хитозана–
аскорбиновая кис лота посредством взаимодействия между
аминогруппами макро молекул полимера и гидроксигруппами
молекул кислоты.

In Memory of Linus Pauling (1901–1994)

At the essay long and scientific achievement of Linus Pauling are described. Special attention is paid to the role of ascorbat in the cardiac genesis.

Phytochemical composition in the vegetative organs of Hemerocallis hybrida hort. ex Bergmans (Hemerocallidaceae)

The article presents the results of the study of raw materials (sugar, starch) and biologically active substances (pectin substances, catechins, saponins, flavonols, ascorbic acid) in the leaves and rhizomes of Hemerocallis hybrida plants of the Speak to me variety during seasonal development during 2013–2015. The quantitative content of the main groups of substances in underground and aboveground organs during vegetation, flowering and fruiting was determined.