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Transformation of a Stable Catalyst of Catalytic Riforming Facility with Using the Catalyst R-98

Aniskova Т. V., Saratov State University
Romadenkina Svetlana B., Saratov State University
Kuzmina Raisa I., Saratov State University

One of the most important tasks of modern refineries is the modernization of existing plants to increase production and improve the quality of the commodity. In this connection, the catalytic activity of the industrial catalyst of the reforming pro- cess R-98 (containing in its composition platinum and rhenium, in the amount of 0.25% by weight of each) in the conversion of a stable catalyst was studied. Stable catalyst is released from the stabilizer column of the catalytic reforming unit. A series of experiments was carried out on a laboratory installation of flow type in the temperature range 400–550°C (in increments of 50°C) at atmospheric pressure and supply of hydrogen-containing gas to the system. As a result of the experiments, gaseous and liquid conversion products were obtained. Analysis of gaseous and liquid conversion products was carried out by GC. The obtained data indicate an increase in the octane number by 6 points, with a decrease in the content of aromatic hydrocarbons. It should be noted that with increasing temperature, the content of benzene increases and its maximum value is noted at a temperature of 550°C and corresponds to 4.4 w. %.

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