Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Research of Activity Pt-containing Zeolite Catalyst in Process of the Conversion of the Propane-Butane Mixture

Conversion of the propane-butane mixture at presence Pt-containing zeolite catalyst is researched at 300-500°C. It is shown that with increase in temperature of carrying out of process the yield of aromat­ic hydrocarbons, the maximum quality aromatics Ce-Ce increases reaches 40.0%wt at 500°C and a feed space velocity of raw materials 100 lr1. Conversion butanes thus reach is 94.0%.

Ethanol Conversion on Zeolites

The possibility of converting the biomass to products of petrochemical synthesis is shown. The analysis of the development of the synthesis of catalysts for production of motor fuels from bioethanol is carried out. By varying the composition of the catalysts and the process conditions can be synthesized gasoline range hydrocarbons, ethylene, aromatic hydrocarbons. A scheme for the conversion of ethanol to hydrocarbons of various classes is discussed.

Transformation of a Stable Catalyst of Catalytic Riforming Facility with Using the Catalyst R-98

One of the most important tasks of modern refineries is the modernization of existing plants to increase production and improve the quality of the commodity. In this connection, the catalytic activity of the industrial catalyst of the reforming pro- cess R-98 (containing in its composition platinum and rhenium, in the amount of 0.25% by weight of each) in the conversion of a stable catalyst was studied. Stable catalyst is released from the stabilizer column of the catalytic reforming unit.