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Faunistic complex of mycetophilous beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the xylotrophic fungus Fomes fomentarius (Basidiomyceta) in the territory of the Saratov region

Mironova Anastasia Alekseevna, Saratov State University
Sazhnev Alexey Sergeevich, Saratov State University
Anikin Vasilii V., Saratov State University

This article describes the characteristics of the beetle fauna – inhabitants of fruiting bodies and the mycelial layer of the true tinder fungus Fomes fomentarius L.: Fr. and are considers some important aspects of the ecology of mycetophilous beetles. Coleopteran population of fruiting bodies of the fungus in five districts of the Saratov region is 63%. Two species from the family Staphylinidae (Gyrophaena joyi Wendeler, 1924 and Scaphisoma boreale Lundblad, 1952) have been recorded on growing and / or spore bearing fruiting bodies. The complex of the main distructors is confined to dying fruiting bodies (20 species). The predominant group (61%) is Diaperis boleti (Linnaeus, 1758) (Tenebrionidae) and Erotylidae. At the trophic level, obligate mycetophages and mycetosaprophages prevail among coleopterans (95%). The most similar are the mycetophilous communities of the residential areas of Saratov and Engels (Kf = 0.7), extremely low similarity was noted for Saratov and Bazarno-Karabulak district (Kf = 0.1).

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