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Electroanalytical properties of planar sensors in aqueous environments of amoxicillin

Kulapina Olga Ivanovna, Saratov State Medical University
Mursalov Ruslan K., Saratov State University

One of the widely used antibiotics of the penicillin series in medicine are amoxicillin and amoxiclav – the representatives of "protected" penicillins. To control the concentration of these antibiotics, HPLC, spectrophotometry, capillary electrophoresis are applicable, which are long-lasting, require expensive equipment, operators and are not applicable for the express determination of aminopenicillins in biological and medicinal aqueous. Unmodifi ed and modifi ed polyaniline planar potentiometric sensors based on dimethyldistearylammonium associates with silver (I) – amoxicillin complex compounds have been developed, their electrochemical and operational characteristics have been determined: it has been shown that the linearity interval of electrode function is 1. 10-2 – 1. 10-4 М, the angular coeffi cient is 50 ± 4 mV/pC, the detection limit of amoxicillin is 8?10-5 М; the service life of sensors is 1,5–2 months. For polyaniline-modifi ed planar sensors, relatively high potential values (about 400 mV) were recorded in amoxicillin aqueous, due to the synergistic eff ect of the electrically conductive properties of carbon-containing ink and polyaniline.

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