Impact of the Predator on Quality Indicators Grain of Soft Wheat

The aim of this study was to identify the effect of precursor (vapor, winter wheat) on the non-traditional selective grain quality parameter intensity of spring common wheat. The parameters include dough development time, dough stability, energy absorbed by dough while kneading and starch retrogradation coefficient. The data have been obtained using a Mixolab device.

Selection of Chrysanthemum coreanum in the South-Ural Botanical Garden

In article results of selection work on creation of new sorts of Chrysanthemum coreanum in Ufa botanical garden are explained, descriptions of 10 local new sorts are also provided. Their biometric parameters, decorative indexes and terms of blossoming are specified. The Chrysanthemum genus belong to Asteraceae family. Ch. coreanum – hybrid origin, a perennial plant with reinforced, more or less branched rhizome.

Community of the Aerobic Bacteria-destructors of DDT as a Result of Natural and Artificial Selection

For 40 years the soil microflora of the Landscape Reserve «Osinsk Forest Summer House» (Perm region, Russia) was exposed to high concentrations of DDT. Soil from the blocks 11 and 32 were selected and used in the process of artificial selection of aerobic bacterial communities capable of degrading DDT. Selection was carried out in the laboratory in four stages. As a result, successional changes were recorded, accompanied by reduction in the number and diversity of morphological types of bacterial strains in microbial communities.