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A new subspecies of gelechiid moths from the genus Neofriseria (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) from the Lower Volga Region (Russia)

The article provides a brief analysis on the species composition of microlepidopteran genus Neofriseria Sattler, 1960 (Gelechiidae) of the fauna of Russia and some neighboring countries. A list of six species of this genus known for the territory of Russia at present is given. One species of the genus, previously described only relating to males from Greece, is recorded for Russia (Saratov region) firstly as a new subspecies with a description and illustrations of the genital structures of both sexes.


The data base of condition rare plants species in Saratov province has been composed for the first time for region. The structure of base and patterns of presenting data in various levels are considered. Keywords: DATA BASE, RARE SPECIES OF PLANTS, MONITORING, SARATOV PROVINCE

Ecological-faunistic Characteristic of the Nidicolous Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) of National Park «Khvalinsky» (Saratov Province)

The article contains information about taxonomic and ecological structure of nidicolous beetles of national park «Khvalinsky» (Saratov Province). The aspects of nidicolous fauna degradation associated with leaving marmots their burrows were traced. Revealed a clear separation of spring and summer faunas of burrowing insect communities.

New Data on the Fauna of Myrmecophilous Beetles (Coleoptera) in the Nests of Ants Formica rufa Linnaeus, 1761 (Hymenoptera) for Territory of Saratov Province

The aim of this article is to investigate the species composition, ecological characteristics and myrmecophily Coleoptera dominant structure in nests of ants of the species Formica rufa Linnaeus, 1761 in the territory of the Saratov region. The studies were conducted mainly in the natural Park of Kumis Polyana (Saratov) and the National Park “Khvalynskiy”. To collect material were determined using standard soil methods of Zoology: screening of the substrate from the nests of ants and laboratory analysis of selected samples.

The Preliminary Data about Spring Beetles Fauna (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the Natural Monument «Rasskazan’ Lake» (Saratov Province)

In the article the results of short-term investigations of water-land biotopes of the natural monument «Rasskazan’ Lake» (Balashov district of the Saratov Province) is presents. Compiled a list of 67 species from 9 families Coleoptera.

The Preliminary Ecological-Faunistic Data about Fungivorous Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) of Saratov Province

Until this article in the Saratov Province special studies of fungivorous beetles fauna of Coleoptera was carried out. The collection material was conducted by the authors in the spring and summer of 2017 with fruiting bodies of different species of xylotrophic Basidiomycetes of the families Polyporaceae and Fomitopsidaceae on the territory of 4 districts of the Saratov Province (Voskresenskiy, Khvalynskiy, Saratovskiy, Engelskiy). As a result, on 4 species of xylotrophic fungi were found 13 species of Coleoptera from 6 families.

The Additional Data about Spring Beetles Fauna (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the Natural Monument «Rasskazan’ Lake» (Saratov Province)

The present work is a continuation of the inventory of the coleopterofauna of the water-terrestrial ecotones of the nature monument «Rasskazan’ Lake» Balashov district of Saratov province, which began in 2017. The study concerned the spring fauna of the period of occurrence of the Khoper river in low water after floods and the beginning of the stagnation of the lake water level.

The New Experience Use of Malaise Trap for the Study of the Beetles Fauna (Insecta: Coleoptera) of National Park «Khvalynsky» (Saratov Oblast)

The article describes the new experience of the long-term use of the Malaise trap (tent trap) for the season 2018–2019 on the territory of the National Park «Khvalynsky» (Saratov province). During this period, 44 species of beetles belonging to 19 families were recorded 6 species: Leiodes obesa (Schmidt, 1841), Philonthus concinnus (Gravenhorst, 1802), Mordellistena humeralis (Linnaeus, 1758), M. intersecta Emery, 1876, M. purpureonigrans Ermisch, 1963 and Scraptia fuscula P. W. J. Muller, 1821 were recorded in the fauna of Saratov oblast for the first time.