Stress signals of water scavenger beetles Berosus frontifoveatus Kuwert, 1888 and Berosus spinosus Steven, 1808 (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae)

The study of acoustic signals from various representatives of insects, and in particular coleopterans, has a long history. In the Russian-language literature, systematic, faunistic and ecological studies on aquatic beetles, including those on the family Hydrophilidae, are widely known; however, studies on the bioacoustics of the coleopteran group are quite rare. The aim of our study was to study stress signals of two species of Hydrophilidae – Berosus frontifoveatus Kuwert, 1888 and Berosus spinosus Steven, 1808.

The Edge Effect of Casebearer Species (Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae) in the Forest-steppe Ecotones of Lower Volga Region

The casebearer`s fauna of the South-East of European Russia in its forest-steppe and steppe landscape zones on the territory of the Volga region in 1990–2016 was studied. The high species richness and the heterogeneity of the taxonomic structure of the casebearer moths on the border of forest and steppe cenoses on the border with the steppe were observed. It was established dwelling 172 species of casebearers of the 49 genera and their biotopical distribution in the studied landscapes.

New Data on the Caddisfly Fauna of Mordovia (Insecta: Trichoptera)

Collecting efforts on the rivers Sura and Moksha in the autono- mous Republic of Mordovia (Russia) have resulted in the detec- tion of 14 species of caddisflies, which are recorded from the Republic for the first time. To date, a total of 39 species are listed for the Republic, which is only a small fragment of the residential fauna. It is expected, that more than 200 species of caddisflies occur in the region.

On the Study of the Genus Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) in the Penza Region

As a result of critical revision, 37 species of the genus Alchemilla were revealed in the Penza region (Russia): A. acutiloba Opiz, A. atrifolia Zamelis, A. baltica G. Sam. ex Juz., A. breviloba H. Lindb., A. cheirochlora Juz., А. conglobata H. Lindb., А. cymatophylla Juz., А. decalvans Juz., А. exilis Juz., А. glabricaulis H. Lindb., А. hebescens Juz., A. heptagona Juz., A. hians Juz., А. hirsuticaulis H. Lindb., A. homoeophylla Juz., А. leiophylla Juz., А. lessingiana Juz., А. lindbergiana Juz., A. litwinowii Juz., A. macrescens Juz., А. micans Buser, A. mininzonii Czkalov, А.

The Recommended Species of Terrestrial Invertebrates for Including in the New Edition of the Red Book of Saratov Province

In article gave the information of rare and endangered species of terrestrial groups of invertebrates recommended for including in the third edition of the Red book of the Saratov Province (RBSP). Also lists species that should be removed from the list of protected species for several established reasons. The main publications over the past 10 years from the time of release the second edition of RBSP on the population dynamics and distribution of endangered species in the region.