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Tulipa sylvestris L. in the collection of the Central Siberian Botanical Garden of the SB RAS

The article presents the results of a long-term introduction of Tulipa sylvestris L. in the SB RAS Central Botanical Garden collection. Plants of the species T. sylvestris bloom abundantly and have a reproductive factor of 1–2 for the daughter bulbs. It was found that the short phase of fl owering is characterized by smooth temperature changes, the most dramatic for a long period. We also established a direct dependence of the duration of the fl owering period on the amount of precipitation during this period, the correlation coeffi cient was 0,7.

Aspects’ Change of Vegetation in Khvalynsky National Park and its Preservation Zone

In article features of aspects’ change of National park’s Khvalynsky (Saratov region) vegetable communities are revealed by V. V. Alyokhin’s method of sequential descriptions. Five vegetable associations: 1) Stipeta pennatae –Bromopsisosa riparia – Pluriherbosa, 2) Stipeta capillatae – Festucosa valessiaca – Herbosa; 3) Stipeta pennatae – Festucosa valessiaca – Herbosa on sand; 4) Acer platanoides + Tilia cordata – Convallaria majalis; 5) Acer platanoides + Tilia cordata – Aegopodium podagraria are observed.

Morphobiology and assessment of the introduction possibilities of Leonurus cardiaca L.

The data on the study of morphometric parameters of one of the most valuable medicinal plants – Leonurus cardiaca L., growing in the collection site of medicinal plants of the Botanical garden of the OSU are presented. The parameters of samples, obtained from the cities of Samara and Kazan were compared . All the studied plants have passed the full cycle of their development with the formation of viable seeds.