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floodplain lakes

Features of Species Diagnostics of the Imago of the Subfamily of Chironominae from Floodplane Lakes of Volga River (Saratov Region). At Research of Flows of Substance and Energy between Water and Land Ecosystems

Key to the subfamilies of chironomids (Chironominae) based on the morphology of the male genitalia includes 16 genus and 45 species found in the Volga river floodplain lakes (Saratov region). For the six species of the four genera of the tribe Chironomini (Einfeldia sp.1, Chironomus sp. (Lobochironomus), Dicrotendipes sp.1, Dicrotendipes sp.2, Parachironomus sp., Polypedilum sp.) described morphological differences from the known and the most directly comparable species. 

Macrozoobenthos Communities from Floodplain Lakes of the Volga River Valley (Saratov Region)

Macrozoobenthos from lakes of the Volga River valley were consists 99 species of hydrobionts (including 80 species of heterotopic insects). The greatest number of communities were determined in the lake Sazanka (in spring – 8, in summer – 5, in autumn – winter period – 9). Community Glyptotendipes glaucus, Polypedilum nubeculosum and Oligochaeta were prevailed during the year. Benthos other lakes include the least quantity of communities: Holodnoe lake – 3; Lenivoe lake – 1; Sadok lake – 1.