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clonal micropropagation

Clonal Micropropagation of Paeonia tenuifolia L.

Paeonia tenuifolia is one of the most attractive and needy of pro- tection species among endangered plants of Saratov region. Modern methods of biotechnology, in some case plant clonal micropropaga- tion, are increase efficiency of secured plant species propagation ex situ. There is a review the progress made in peony micropropagation and it is present short applicatory observations. Comprehensive refer- ences about Paeonia species in the whole were analyzed. An effective record of P. tenuifolia clonal micropropagation was composed.

Induction of Direct Organogenesis in the Culture of Mature Embryo in Maize

Regeneration of plants in vitro through direct organogenesis allows the avoidance of somaclonal variation. The aim of our study was the induction of direct organogenesis in the culture of mature embryo in maize lines created at Saratov State University: ATTM (bm, wx, y), ATTM (bm, y), ATTM (bm, g, V-type CMS), AT-3 (4n). These lines are characterized by genetic predisposition to parthenogenesis. The mature embryos isolated from sterile grains were used as a primary explant.

Hormonal Regulation of Morphogenesis in the Culture of Mature Embryo in the Maize Parthenogenetic Line АТТМ (bm, wx, y)

The article presents the results of the search for the optimal hormonal composition of the nutrient medium for the induction of direct organogenesis in the culture of mature embryos of the maize homozygous line ATTM (bm, wx, y). The mature embryos isolated from kernels were used as the primary explant. The 11 media variants were tested for induction of direct organogenesis: MS without hormones (control) and with phytohormones in different concentrations and combinations.