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Influence of the Modifying Additive Nature on the Rheological Properties of the Concentrated Chitosan–Organic Acid–Water System

The influence of the nature of a modifying additive selected from the class of stabilizers and thickeners (high-molecular-weight chitosan, starch, xanthan gum, sorbitol, and pyridoxine hydrochloride) on the rheological properties of the concentrated chitosan–organic acid– water system (freshly prepared or stored at 4 and 20°C) was studied. It is shown that all the modifiers have a stabilizing and thickening effect, resulting in an increased viscosity of the multicomponent system and a lower rate of its fall in time.

“Electronic tongue” multi-systems for the separate determination of cefotaxime and cefazoline

. Electroanalytical properties of unmodified and modified by polyaniline and by CuO nanoparticles solid-contact potentiometric sensors which are based on associates of tetradecylammonium with complex compounds of silver (I) with cephuroxime, cephotaxime and cephazoline Ag(?-lac)2TDA in solutions of corresponding antibiotics were studied. It was revealed that Ag(?-lac)2TDA –based sensors had no specificity to the basic ion but showed sensitivity to other cephalosporins.