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Macrozoobenthos of Hyperhaline Waterbodies of Bogdino-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve

Macrozoobenthos assay carried out in hyperhaline waterbodies (Gor’kaya river and Lake Baskunchak littoral) of Bogdino-Baskunchakski nature reserve yielded 14 taxa: bugs – 3 (from family Corixidae: Cymatia rogenhoferi (Fieber, 1864), Paracorixa concinna (Fieber, 1848) and Sigara assimilis (Fieber, 1848)), chironomids – 2 (Baeotendipes noctivaga Kieffer, 1911, Orthocladius sp.), other dipterans – 4 (Limoniidae, Dolichopodidae, Ephydridae and Tabanidae (род Chrysops) larvae), beetles – 5 (Dytiscidae: Cybister (s.

Long-Term Monitoring of Macrozoobenthos in the Reservoir-Cooler of Balakovo NPP

For 8 years (2011–2018) macrozoobenthos samples were taken at the permanent stations in the reservoir-cooler of Balakovo NPP. Sampling stations were located in a highly heated part of the reservoir-cooler of the Balakovo NPP, and poorly heated part, in the adjacent water area of the Saratov reservoir. Differences were revealed: species richness and diversity; numbers and biomass; saprobity indices of the areas of these reservoirs; a positive or negative trend of long-term dynamics of the studied indicators macrozoobenthos.

Macrozoobenthos Communities from Floodplain Lakes of the Volga River Valley (Saratov Region)

Macrozoobenthos from lakes of the Volga River valley were consists 99 species of hydrobionts (including 80 species of heterotopic insects). The greatest number of communities were determined in the lake Sazanka (in spring – 8, in summer – 5, in autumn – winter period – 9). Community Glyptotendipes glaucus, Polypedilum nubeculosum and Oligochaeta were prevailed during the year. Benthos other lakes include the least quantity of communities: Holodnoe lake – 3; Lenivoe lake – 1; Sadok lake – 1.