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Type Specimens of Alchemilla L., Corispermum L., Koeleria Pers., Onosma L. Kept in the Sprygin Herbarium of Penza State University (PKM)

Sprygin Herbarium of Penza State University – the largest sci- entific Botanical collection with the international acronym of the PKM, founded in 1894 on the initiative of the largest naturalist Ivan Sprygin. In the collections of the Penza Herbarium contains about 170 000 herbarium sheets of vascular plants, mossy plants, algae, lichens and fungi, of which over 30 authentic samples. Since 2009, the Herbarium is the electronic cataloguing of the collection. Results of revision on the type of genus Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae), Corispermum L.

On the Study of the Genus Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) in the Penza Region

As a result of critical revision, 37 species of the genus Alchemilla were revealed in the Penza region (Russia): A. acutiloba Opiz, A. atrifolia Zamelis, A. baltica G. Sam. ex Juz., A. breviloba H. Lindb., A. cheirochlora Juz., А. conglobata H. Lindb., А. cymatophylla Juz., А. decalvans Juz., А. exilis Juz., А. glabricaulis H. Lindb., А. hebescens Juz., A. heptagona Juz., A. hians Juz., А. hirsuticaulis H. Lindb., A. homoeophylla Juz., А. leiophylla Juz., А. lessingiana Juz., А. lindbergiana Juz., A. litwinowii Juz., A. macrescens Juz., А. micans Buser, A.

The Genus Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) in the Flora of Chuvashia

In the flora of the Chuvash Republic, 40 species of the genus are revealed. 11 of these (A. altaica, А. argutiserrata, A. barbulata, A. cheirochlora, A. exilis, A. gibberulosa, A. hebescens, A. oxyodonta, A. plicata, A. sibirica, A. vorotnikovii) are registered in the Republic for the first time. Earlier, two species (A. pustynensis Czkalov and A. obtusa auct. non Buser) were noted here erroneously. Species are revealed whose richness corresponds to the level seen in neighbouring regions and approaches the maximum possible.