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Приволжская возвышенность

Analysis of the distribution and populations structure of Hedysarum grandifl orum Pall. (Fabaceae) in the southern part of the Volga Upland

For the fi rst time in the southern part of the Volga Upland, a detailed study of the population distribution and structure of rare and protected species Hedysarum grandifl orum Pall., listed in the Red Books of the Russian Federation (2008) and the Saratov Region (2021), was carried out. The study was conducted in 2007–2021. To identify the distribution, data from routine observations and information from herbarium specimens, literary data and oral reports were used.

Rare Spring Ephemeroids Flora of the Volga Upland

28 species of vascular plants of the Volga Upland – rare spring ephemeroids in need of protection and recommended for inclusion in the Red Data Book of the Volga basin.

Analysis of Floristic Composition of Phytocenoses with Participation of Hedysarum grandiflorum Pall. in Southern of the Volga Uplands

Results of the taxonomic, biomorphological and coenotic analyzes phytocenoses with participation Hedysarum grandiflorum Pall. in the southern of the Volga Uplands are given. Showing considerable diversity and high conservation importance of these plant communities.