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Prospects for the use of polymer-containing materials and sorbents for membrane ultrafi ltration, sorption and concentration of nucleic acids from aqueous media. A review

Unlike antibiotics and heavy metals, nucleic acids exist in the aquatic environment as a part of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.) rather than in a free form. In this regard, the most important primary stage of sample preparation of an object for the quantitative analysis of DNA and RNA in natural and wastewaters includes membrane ultrafi ltration of an aqueous sample, followed by its sorption preconcentration on a solid phase carrier.

Study of Phylogenetic Connections of Representatives of the Genus Mesobuthus (Arachnida: Scorpiones) on the Basis of Molecular DNA Analysis

The aim of the research is to determine the phylogenetic connections of scorpion representatives of the genus Mesobuthus living in the Lower Volga region and their comparison with other taxa (subspecies and species of this genus). For this, scorpions were collected on the territory of the Lower Volga region. The nucleotide sequences of the collected specimens were deciphered and compared with the sequences of species of the genus Mesobuthus from other regions of the Palearctic. The phylogenetic connections of the investigated objects are determined.