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Viscous Degradation of Acidic Chitosan Solutions and its Ionic Probe Study

Boyko I S., Saratov State University
Podkolodnaya O. A., Saratov State University
Lysachok S. G., Saratov State University
Shmakov Sergei L., Saratov State University

A review of the literature on the phenomenon of aging (a significant drop in viscosity over time) of acidic chitosan solutions is given. A study was made on acetic acid (2%) solutions of chitosan of two viscosity-average molecular weights (200 and 46 kDa) by ion probing (addition of a KI solution). It has been indirectly confirmed that the motion of the probing ions in an electric field disturbs part (about a quarter) of the average macromolecule rather than the whole one. Our study on 46 kDa chitosan has shown that, although the limiting electrical conductivity decreases over time at all polymer concentrations, the intrinsic microviscosity remains approximately constant. This indicates no degradation of macromolecules, so the aging of acidic chitosan solutions is due to some other causes.


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