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The Experimental Study of Solubility of Helium in Propan-2-ol at Temperatures 360, 420 and 480 К

Nikolaychuk P A, Paderborn University
Linnemann M, Paderborn University
Baumeh?gger E, Paderborn University
Sparrow I, Paderborn University

The experimental study of solubility of helium in propan-2-ol at high pressures and temperatures was performed. The following values of Henry’s law constants for the solution of helium in propan-2-ol were obtained: 168,7 ± 6,3 MPa at 480 К, 341,2 ± 13,6 MPa at 420 К and 602,0 ± 43,5 MPa at 360 К.


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