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Sensor System for Determining ?-Amino Acids

Varygina Olga V., Saratov State University
Selifonova Ekaterina Igorevna, Saratov State University
Chernova Rimma Kuzminichna, Saratov State University

The principles of creating ion-selective electrodes for a-amino acids in a historical retrospective are considered. It is shown that until recently, when the creation of potentiometric membrane sensors, the main emphasis was made on the formation of more selective sensors able to selectively determine the concentration of some analyte in multi-component systems. The material for such sensors were ionselective membranes, which were created specific to a particular analite, but were not specific to the entire class of such analyzers. In this respect, the characteristics of sensors, selective to ?-amino acids, developed on the basis of glass, reversible single-loading cations electrodes, by applying a thin layer of the enzyme. Enzymes (oxidase,asparaginase, etc.) catalyze the decomposition of the corresponding amino acids. The released gases are determined by the electrode, whose potential is proportional to the concentration of the amino acid. A new stage in the development of the sensor began with the opening of pagandom (otricatelnyh of ionophores with highly basic terminal groups, the crown calix [n]arenes, etc.) used to create sensors on the hydrochlorides of esters of amino acids. Discussed the mechanism of formation of ionophores, the type of communication, analytical characteristics of the sensors. A cycle of works on creation of sensors based on registration Of donnan potential at the ion-exchange polymer/solution boundary is considered. It is shown that nanomodification of the perfluorinated sulfocationite polymer overhang (membrane surface) increases the sensitivity of the sensor. Piezo-quartz resonators, sensors based on the digital recording of the effects of swelling and Contracting a set of sorbent granules, chiral amino acid electrodes are described. The formation of a new direction in the creation of sensors for ?-amino acids–potentiometric Multisensor systems based on ion exchange combined membranes, in which the analytical signal is the potential of Donnan, is noted. The possibilities of directional variation of the chemical properties of PD-sensors by modifying sulfatirovannah perfluorinated membranes. Estimated cross-sensitivity to multiple environments and reproducibility of the analytical characteristics of PD in multi-sensor systems.


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