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Peculiarities of Oculomotor Activity in Students While Solving the Problems

Chebotok Anna S., Saratov State University
Zinchenko Ekaterina M., Saratov State University

Oculomotor activity is a necessary component of the human mental processes, thanks to which the acquisition, transformation and use of visual information takes place. Therefore, by registering and analyzing eye movements, we are able to access the hidden (internal) forms of activity that occur extremely quickly and unconsciously. Thanks to the appearance in Russia of modern trainees, interest in the oculomotor theme has now increased significantly. In this paper, the results of the study of oculomotor activity (OMA) of students in solving logical problems are presented. The researchers were asked to solve verbal and mathematical problems on a special device - Eye - Tracker. Based on the analysis of the main parameters of oculomotor activity, such as blinking, fixation and saccades, significant differences in these characteristics were revealed. Also, in the course of the experiment, according to the results of testing, the level of logical thinking of the students of the psychological faculty was determined. Most of the subjects coped with the decision of verbal assignments, showing good results. While performing the same mathematical tasks, many did not have time to do more than half. The results of the experiment are not final, further research, analysis an d correlation processing of the oculomotor activity of students is planned.


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