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Researching the Oxidation Process of Sulfur-Alkalaine Sewage Components Using Ni2+ Catalyst – Containing Galvanic Wastewater

Savelyeva Anna V., Kazan National Research Technological University
Savelyev Sergei N., Kazan National Research Technological University
Levin Aleksandr S., Kazan National Research Technological University
Fridland Sergei V., Kazan National Research Technological University

The effect of different concentrations of nickel (II) ions on the oxidation rate of mixed wastewater pollutants with ozone-air mixture for 30 minutes with an ozone concentration of 3 mg/l was studied. It was shown that adding nickel (II) ions at a concentration of 300 mg/l reaches the maximum degree purification of wastewater as a result of oxidative processes on the COD value, equal to 40.4%, which is 10.1% more compared to the catalytic oxidation of the investigated wastewater pollutants with the air oxygen participation. As a result of the conducted research, optimal conditions for the implementation of effective wastewater treatment of chemical production using Ni2+ catalyst-containing electroplating wastewater that is oxidation of pollutants with ozone-air mixture containing 300 mg/l of nickel (II) ions for thirty-minute sparging. At the same time, total degrees of wastewater treatment in terms of COD and alkalinity, equal to 90,0% and 94,2%, respectively, were achieved. The greatest purification effect was revealed when using Ni2+-containing galvanic wastewater as a catalyst as compared to using Cu2+-containing galvanic effluent, while the difference in the degree of purification of wastewater at the stage of oxidation of pollutants by COD value was 10.1%.

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