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The Study of the Complexation of Volatile Organic Compounds with ?-cyclodextrin and Its Derivatives in Aqueous Solutions by Headspace Gas Chromatographic Analysis

Kapralova Tatyana S., Samara University
Onuchak Lyudmila A., Samara University
Kuraeva Yulia G., Samara University
Pariichuk Nina V., Samara University

Two methods of determining the complexation constants of “volatile organic compound (VOC) – 2-hydroxypropyl-?-cyclodextrin (HP-?-CD)” were tested by headspace gas chromatographic analysis. It was shown that the complexation constants of VOC with HP-?-CD calculated using 2 approaches were comparable with each other. The increase in complexation constants was observed for homologues with the increase in the molar mass and dipole moment of molecules. Having compared the calculated complexation constants (40° C) with the published data (25° C) it was found that the increase in temperature led to the decrease in the ability of HP-?-CD to form inclusion complexes with the studied VOC.

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