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Investigation of nikel(II) complexing with 2,6-dimerkapto-4-methilphenol and aminophenols

Kuliev K. А., Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Mamedova Shafa A., Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Efendiyeva Naiba N., Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

Complexing of nickel(II) with 2,6-dimercapto-4-methylphenol (DMMP) and hydrophobic amines was studied using physicochemical methods. Hydroxyl-containing amines-aminophenols (AP) were used as a hydrophobic amine. On the part of aminophenols, 2 (N, N-dimethylaminomethyl) -4-methylphenol (AP1 ), 2 (N, N-dimethylaminomethyl)-4-chlorophenol (AP2 ), and 2 (N, N-dimethylaminomethyl) -4-bromophenol (AP3 ) were used. Mixed-ligand complexes were formed in a weakly acidic medium (pHopt 4.6–6.4). Ni(II) is recovered by chloroform by 98.6–99.5% in the form of a mixed-ligand complex (MLC) per single extraction. The optimal conditions for the formation and extraction of these compounds are 1.12 ? 10-3 mol/L concentration of DMMP and 0.88 ? 10-3 mol/L – AP. Changing the concentration of the reagents does not change the composition of the complexes. MLC of Ni(II) with DMMP and AP are stable in aqueous and organic solvents and do not decompose within three days and for more than a month after extraction. The ratio of reacting components in MLC corresponds to Ni (II): DMMP : AP = 1 : 2 : 2. in the formation of MLC, the coordinating ion is Ni2+. Complexing proceeds with the displacement of a proton from a DMMP molecule. Maximum light absorption is observed at ? = 520–530 nm. The molar coefficients of light absorption are (3.78-3.95) ? 104 . Based on the obtained data photometric methods for the determination of nickel in various industrial and natural objects were developed.

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