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Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias Jubatus Shreder 1776) Female Mating Behavior on Kozlova Cape Rookery (Kamchatka Peninsula)

Godyashcheva Yulia S., Saratov State University
Altuchov Alexey V., Laboratory of Vertebrate Ecology, Kamchatka Branch of Pacific Institute of Geography
Belyachenko Aleksandr V., Saratov State University
Burkanov Vladimir N., Laboratory of Vertebrate Ecology, Kamchatka Branch of Pacific Institute of Geography

Cause-effect relationship has been identified for each of the observed mating event. There are a numbers of behavioral phases that occurring before and after a mating process. The most important factor that initializes precopulation behavior for males is an active aggressive behavior of females, indicating the behavioral manifestations of estrus. It was estimated that a high level of activity of females on a rookery after mating can cause other mating with another males. The duration of behavioral estrus was assessed based on the analysis of the duration of each activity event of females before and after mating. It has been confirmed that females of Steller sea lion can choose a partner even during the ensuing receptivity.

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