Penza region

Additions to the «Flora...» by P. F. Maevsky (2014) for the Penza Region

 Records of 94 vascular plant species from the Penza Region published before 2013 are missing from the 11th edition of the «Flora of the Central Part of European Russia» by P. F. Mayevsky (2014). An additional 22 species were discovered in the region recently. At least 29 species known in the Penza Region are completely missing from the «Flora…» – Stellaria subulata Boeber ex D. F. K.

On the Study of the Genus Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) in the Penza Region

As a result of critical revision, 37 species of the genus Alchemilla were revealed in the Penza region (Russia): A. acutiloba Opiz, A. atrifolia Zamelis, A. baltica G. Sam. ex Juz., A. breviloba H. Lindb., A. cheirochlora Juz., А. conglobata H. Lindb., А. cymatophylla Juz., А. decalvans Juz., А. exilis Juz., А. glabricaulis H. Lindb., А. hebescens Juz., A. heptagona Juz., A. hians Juz., А. hirsuticaulis H. Lindb., A. homoeophylla Juz., А. leiophylla Juz., А. lessingiana Juz., А. lindbergiana Juz., A. litwinowii Juz., A. macrescens Juz., А. micans Buser, A. mininzonii Czkalov, А.