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Study Prior Deoxygenation Sulphurous Gases Methane and Sulhur Vapor

The aim of this study was consumption is preliminary deoxygenation source of sulfur dioxide from methane-free oxygen and sulfur vapor to the catalystic’s reactor. It has been found that, the use of deoxygenated methane as agent leads to a significant increase in process speed and vaporized sulfur to improve the sulfur yield by increasing the concentration of sulfur dioxide entering in the catalyst of gaz mixture.

Peculiarities of Spatial Distribution of the Bottom Fauna in the River Kan (Tributary of the Middle Yenisei, Krasnoyarsk Region)

In the rivers of the Yenisei basin, benthic invertebrates play a major role in feeding most valuable Siberian fish species. This report presents advanced material on zoobenthos of the river Kan (one of the major tributaries of the Yenisei in its middle course). Litho-psammo-rheophilic biocenosis of benthic invertebrates was the most developed, 99 species and forms were recorded there. The total number of zoobenthos was formed from mayflies, caddisflies and chironomids; biomass – from caddisflies and mayflies.