Phytochemical composition in the vegetative organs of Hemerocallis hybrida hort. ex Bergmans (Hemerocallidaceae)

The article presents the results of the study of raw materials (sugar, starch) and biologically active substances (pectin substances, catechins, saponins, flavonols, ascorbic acid) in the leaves and rhizomes of Hemerocallis hybrida plants of the Speak to me variety during seasonal development during 2013–2015. The quantitative content of the main groups of substances in underground and aboveground organs during vegetation, flowering and fruiting was determined.

Light Influence on Morphogenesis Wheat

In work results of research morphogenesis wheat are presented at presence or absence of the light factor. Influence of light on growth of all leaf shoot, activity of a cone of increase and growth of germinal root system of a seedling of wheat is established. In the presence of the light factor growth epicotyl begins with the moment of the termination of growth coleoptile. Growth epicotyl occurs synchronously to growth of a sheath of 1st leaf. In the absence of light growth coleoptile and epicotyl proceeds and after end of growth of a plate and a sheath of 1st leaf.

Heterogeneity of Bodies Wheat under the Maintenance of Pigments Photosynthesis

Data by definition of the maintenance of pigments of photosynthesis (a chlorophyll and carotenoid) in leaves and top междоузлии a stalk of summer soft wheat at the moment of flowering are cited. Distinction by quantity of pigments in different zones of a plate top leaf at investigated grades is established: a chlorophyll – 0,72–5,1; carotenoid – 0,37– 1,3 mg/g of fresh weight. Increase of the maintenance of pigments from bottom to the top zone of a vagina top leaf and междоузлия is revealed.