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IR spectroscopy

Eff ect of the MoO3/Al2O3 catalyst fl uorination on the propylene metathesis reaction

In the course of this work, fl uorinated catalysts MoO3 /Al2 O3 -F for the olefi ns metathesis have been synthesized. The materials have been characterized by various physicochemical methods and tested in the propylene metathesis reaction. It has been shown that the support fl uorination leads to partial replacement of surface hydroxyl groups by F, which is accompanied by an increase in the strength of both Lewis acid sites and residual bridging OH groups. Increasing the fl uorine content on γ-Al2O3 up to 3 wt.

Synthesis of Opto-R-Phenyl Benzimidazoloheksahydroquinazoline with Angular Articulation Rings

Condensation of 2-aminobenzimidazole, ortho-substituted benzaldehydes and cyclohexanone proceeds with the formation of 10-o-Rsubstituted phenyl benz[4,5]imidazolo-6,7,8,9,10,11-hexahydro[1,2-a] quinazolines having angular articulation rings, strukture which is set using IR, NMR, 1 H, 13C spectra.