differential thermal analysis

Description of the Chemikal Interreacting in the Quaternary Mutual Sistem Li,K||F,MoO4 ,WO4

The quaternary mutual system Li,K||F,MoO4 ,WO4 was partitioned into the simplexes and described the chemical interaction by conversion method and by method of ion balance. The prediction of the crystallizing phases conducted on the basis of the partition and of the equations for the reactions of conversion lines and for the method of ion balance.

Study of the Stable Tetrahedron LiF-KF-KCl-K2WO4 of the Quinary Reciprocal System Li,K||F,Cl,WO4

The stable tetrahedron LiF-KF-KCl-K2WO4 of the quinary reciprocal system Li,K||F,Cl,WO4 was studied by differential thermal analysis, and the characteristics of eutectic and peritectic were determined.