Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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A Study of Iron-oxidizing Microorganisms for Possible Use in Biotechnology of Water Purification

The ability of a variety of bacteria isolated from soil samples with high levels of magnetism of the city Mednogorsk to oxidize iron (II) in conditions of periodic cultivation in a liquid medium was studied. Investigating the increase in total biomass using its wet weight and analyzing its absolute bacterial biomass growth after 7 and 14 days of cultivation resulted in the identification of two microbial isolates with maximum growth rates. The wet biomass weight of these isolates (69.3 and 69.5) was 15.3 and 14.7 g/l after 14 days of cultivation.

Ecological safety and prospects of development of low-waste technologies in the biotechnology industry

Environmental pollution with industrial waste is an urgent problem today. A special place in the list of pollutants belongs to waste from biotechnological enterprises and industries, whose activities are related to the production of various drugs. Russian Research Anti-Plague Institute «Microbe» is the only manufacturer of unique immunobiological drugs in the Russian Federation – bivalent chemical cholera vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin from horse blood serum (AIG).