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Изучены видовой состав, количественные показатели и
встречаемость ассоциативных микроорганизмов трех видов
цикадовых (Cicadella viridis, Athysanus argentarius, Lepyronia
coleoptrata) в окрестностях озера Став (Саратовская область).
Из организмов цикадовых выделено 15 видов бактерий, ко-
личественные показатели которых варьировали от 102 до 105
КОЕ в пробе, индексы встречаемости – от 20 до 60%. Бакте-
рии рода Gluconobacter присутствовали как в растительном
соке, так и в пищеварительном тракте Lepyronia coleoptrata.

The Results of the Inventory of the Lepidoptera Fauna (Insecta: Lepidoptera) of the Volga-Ural Region

Presents the distribution of 3489 species of Lepidoptera from 83 families on the basic administrative units of the region. To the base list of E. Eversmann added 2209 species, 35 species were removed from the list as incorrectly identified previously, reliably disappeared in the region or accidentally introduced. Among the newly discovered species 2 were new for Europe and 3 for Russia.

The Recommended Species of Terrestrial Invertebrates for Including in the New Edition of the Red Book of Saratov Province

In article gave the information of rare and endangered species of terrestrial groups of invertebrates recommended for including in the third edition of the Red book of the Saratov Province (RBSP). Also lists species that should be removed from the list of protected species for several established reasons. The main publications over the past 10 years from the time of release the second edition of RBSP on the population dynamics and distribution of endangered species in the region.

The Spreading of Pear Moth – Cydia pyrivora (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) on the North-East of the European Part of Russia

Pear moth – Cydia pyrivora is a narrow oligophage, whose larvae feed on the pith and pulp of fruit pears. In the region the species is connected here with warm biotopes on the Volga’s slopes and inhabits garden plots and abandoned gardens with pear trees. The areal extent in the north-east of the European part of Russia is considered for the pear moth Cydia pyrivora over a 60-year period.