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Желтый «солнечный закат»

Simultaneous Determination of Synthetic Food Dyes E102 and E110

The method of derivative spectrophotometry with measurements at zero-crossing wavelenghts is proposed for simultaneous quantitative determination of synthetic food dyes Tartrazine (E102) and «Sunset yellow» (E110). The method was tested on model mixtures and applied to determine the content of dyes in carbonated soft drinks. The error does not exceed 7%.

Determination of Synthetic Food Dyes E110 and E124 in the Joint Presence by Vierordt’s Method and Derivative Spectrophotometry

The application of the Vierordt’s and the first derivative at the “zero crossing” methods was evaluated for the simultaneous determination of synthetic food dyes Yellow “sunset” (E110) and Ponso 4R (E124) in model solutions. The concentrations interval of components is established at which the principle of optical densities additivity is observed. For the implementation of the Vierordt’s method, wavelengths with the maximum difference in the absorption coefficients of the individual components (470.2 and 536.7 nm) were chosen.