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Эффективность снежной мелиорации в сухостепной, степной и лесостепной зонах

На основе пятилетних (2005–2009 гг.) исследований снегоотложения и биотестирования
территории снегового шлейфа от полезащитных лесных полос в различных почвенно-
климатических зонах была определена взаимосвязь мощности снежного покрова с про-
дуктивностью озимой пшеницы и даны рекомендации по проведению снегозадержания.

Features of Growth and Development of Wheat Seedlings (TriticumaestivumL.) under the Action of 2,4,6-triphenyl-3,5-dichloropyridine and 2,6-diphenyl-3-chloropyridine

A biological testing of new synthetic heterocyclic compounds – 2,4,6-triphenyl-3,5-dichloropyridine and 2,6-diphenyl-3-chloropyri- dine differing more halogen atoms and phenyl fragments of the pyri- dine ring. The compounds were first obtained at the Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry National Research Saratov State University. The objects of the study were the seedlings of spring wheat TriticumaestivumL. The test solutions had a positive effect on the rate root-maintenance seedlings in all variants of the experiment.

Effect of N,O,S-contaning Heterocyclic Compounds on Growth of Root System of Triticum aestivum L.

Conducted biological testing of synthetic heterocyclic compounds: 2-benzoylmethyl-3-benzoyl-2-phenylaziridine, 2-benzoyl-3, 5-diphenyl-4-chlorofuran and 2-amino-4(1,3-diphenyl-2-chloropropene-1-one-3-yl)-5-phenyl-1,3-thiazole. The investigated compounds are members of three series of heterocyclic compounds and obtained at the Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry National Research Saratov State University.

Bioindication of Environmental Quality of the Yakutsk City Administrative Districts on the Basis of Leaf Fluctuating Asymmetry and Seed Quality of the Silver Birch Betula pendula Roth

The environmental quality in the territory of Yakutsk city has been assessed by the leaf fluctuating asymmetry (FA) and seed quality (germinating capacity and germination energy) of the silver birch Betula pendula Roth. A total of 2,300 birch leaves were collected at 25 sites in vicinity of roadways and 21 samples of seeds were collected in the same sites. FA level at different sites varied within 0.042–0.057, which implies that the environmental quality varied from relatively normal to critical.

The Phytotesting of (thio)semicarbazones 2,4-diarylbicyclo[3.3.1]non-2-en-9-ones

Biological testing of (thio) semicarbazones 2,4-diarylbicyclo [3.3.1] non2-en-9-ones, differing in the nature of aryl substituents and nucleophile, was carried out.The object of the study was seedlings of spring soft wheat Triticum aestivum L. of the Saratovskaya 36 variety. To assess the physiological activity of the tested compounds, we used a valuable analysis of the morphometric parameters of growth of the root system and shoots of the test and control plants and the quantitative content of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotenoids in the first leaf.

Assessment of Growth-Regulating Activity and Ecotoxicity of Diarylidene-Substituted Cyclohexanones

The search of new biologically active substances to be used as herbicides and plant growth regulators is carried out. The two compounds were used – 2-benzylidene-6-(m-nitrobenzylidene) cyclohexanone (1) and 2-benzylidene-6-(p-fluorobenzylidene) cyclohexanone (2). They are similar in structure, but containing different functional groups in one of the benzene rings: -NO2, and -F. Their dose-dependent effect on the germination and growth of Triticum aestivum and Barbarea vulgaris was investigated.